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                             Romance with goats

Romance with a goat, then married!
Abegerai shows authentic love. For the love of pets is no exception. But I was in love with eating goats habudubu to not normal at all.The Brazilian player's 74-year-old in love with this wonderful elderly retirees - widows and single. It is not love, and he is going to be a goat with marital Association. If everything is fine in the coming months in the country wearing the goat's neck.Local media had exaggerated khabarata. Ayaparesido kyasatalado old name is already in preparation for the wedding has ended.Kyasatalado father of eight children in Brazilian pyaraibake, the local daily, not just when someone says it is, then I say, the goats do not talk, do not ask money for shopping is no longer pregnant. 'Make it difficult to raise the argument is Kye or say. source : internet