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                               Reader's Digest Born

Riders Digest Most read periodicals in the world ' . pathakasankhyai only 1 in 50 of every month in the issuance of the largest magazine publishing programs in the world. Today, 89 years of age are the most popular periodicals . 19 is published on the first day of " Riders Digest '. Gained full of people all over the world , popular after publication Riders Digest revolutionized the world of periodicals. More than 10 billion people in the world from the reader.
For Laila diuita in Wallace and Wallace had a couple amateurs basei the Riders Digest. It was published in the beginning of any president . Library is a collection of writings published in the Journal of the husband and Wallace . The deployment of the selected portion of text in newspapers. Riders in the operation of a garage to rent in New York to attend the first number is a fancy way to raise money . Wallace had a couple of readers said they plan to publish in advance the price you want. The numbers are printed with prices collected in advance.
Process increases the number of riders versions within a few days . In only seven years in the country pathakasankhya charaya. Having started a wide - scale deployment pathakapriyata oyalesara. But the fundamental issue of the print is fun. Riders of interest to readers from England in 1938 to consider running a copy of this system is . Gradual rise of the spread . Printed only in English , but is currently being published in the Journal 1 . It is the same in many versions. Also published in English in the Asia version differs from the U.S. version of the content. It has offices in 50 cities Riders process. Printed city patrols useful in the local community. Editors different for each version . Riders Digest Association magazine centrally controlled যুক্তরাষ্ট্রভিত্তিক the company name.
The process of the riders of popularity because of the convenient size . Readers pocket or bag suitable for carrying 06:45 , and they are eager to five quarter - inch paper size in the Journal of AR Wallace married couple . The world's first magazine in a small size . At the beginning of page 68 . The magazine is published in the form of increases in prsthasankhya of yet.
The importance of options to choose from print readers digest the next riders . So far the main source of income for the magazine's readers . The nearly 70 percent of the total income from the sale of periodicals. They even did not confirm advertising in periodicals . Cigarette advertising policy and never nijadera chapeni the Riders Digest.
In 1973, the magazine pulled activities couple nijadera and Wallace. Each took off in the eighties . Riders must be under the control of a childless couple owns a large part of the process is to be donated to various charities and organizations . source :
Riders Digest, Encyclopedia Britannica.