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                           Protect life, protect cost

The first six months after the birth of Mother Mother 's milk is the ideal food the child. But in the case of mothers of children have been denied . Recently, one study found that 90 percent of all new mothers and their babies breastfeeding your child 's life bamcata 900. Bamcata cost of $ 300 million.
Published in the online version of the journal Pediatrics, the results of a survey on the amazing. Said the American Academy of sisucikitsaka brestaphidim head of the department . Lawrence said Rutha, ' is expected of children breast health care system to change. We need to create awareness . "
In studies, may be the death of hundreds of children breastfeeding possible to avoid expensive treatment . Accommodate viral diseases , ear infections , asthma, diabetes, and even a child has leukemia Childish. Disease-resistant strength of the mother 's milk helps to combat the disease in 10 children . This affects diabetes and obesity , such as milk and insulin in the blood to become free from the problem of the child.
As one can see, breastfeeding is less than A $ 300 million in new costs . 001 in the United States government that will create a report based on a survey is consistent with the latest . The report said , 50 percent of children in the U.S. $ 360 million breastfeeding more alive . Increases the cost of treating breastfeeding rate has increased slightly . The United States is not only about 1 percent of children up to the age of six months, and breastfeeding. source : internet