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Peel the cast of Modern mithalajite operandi * How it works «Poly Bell » ? Conducted research on promising pills , and I'm one of five pills a mixture of drugs ( for the treatment of high blood pressure with statins , aspirin ) significantly reduce blood pressure and cholesterol low density of the «Poly caps » Indian Indian Polycap Study ( TIPS ) could not be found . Use the pill with similar declines earlier this year in a study of four drugs ( blood pressure and statins for three ) together . However , it still may be a few questions before «Poly Bell » for public use will be answered . * You can lower blood pressure and lower rates of heart disease research will translate into lower cholesterol levels ? It is still the subject of research . * This is the best drug for each drug individually , work together ? The research «Poly Bell » noted that the mission conducted on each component , the statin drugs to reduce cholesterol , blood pressure, blood pressure medications may reduce . One study , however , low- pill «Poly Bell » of the cholesterol- lowering statins and other vehicles when mixed with certain drugs , suggesting that the loss of his skills , is dealt with on its own . If you increase the side effects of drug treatments do not mix ? The research «Poly Bell » on side effects associated with any increased risk , but it is difficult to determine which medication is causing the problem , because this is still a real concern that can not be displayed . Dr. Cannon said : " You have covered five drugs , five drugs at once you can do is to stop using the drug if you experience any side effects . I was in pain and then muscle statin drug , then you stop side effects along with statins , blood pressure medicine and aspirin should not be taken off . source : internet