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                       AIDS Treatment "Banana"

The scientists said , to prevent the spread of HIV , the virus may be an important role in tissue. Laboratory experiments, they saw one tissue , byanaleka, the materials currently used in the treatment of HIV drugs kids . In a report published in the Journal of Biological kemistrite talk.
Treatment AIDS based on Byanalekera of the drug can be made ​​much cheaper, and you can save the lives of millions of people are doing about it. This material is bananas 'lekatina' the name of the chemical . Is created naturally inside the collar . U.S. researchers found that lekatinati seen the inside of the collar HIV enters the body through the barriers that have prevented sankramanake. 'Byanaleka' There is a lot of work enabhelapera ( envelope) , such as. Genealogical material that is stuck carrying the envelope protein of HIV , much of it in 'byanaleka.
AIDS researchers said at the University of misigana soyanasana Michael, " I have a problem with some medications HIV is a virus that can be disabled medicines and drugs to protect against . But lekatinera and there is a difficult task ." Lekatina HIV -1 enabhelapera stuck in various places sugarake find. The scientists were able to laboratory , byanaleka two drugs currently used to treat HIV , but - much stronger than 0 and marabhirakera.