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                        Made for each Other

If it is a couple of 'Made for each Other', you must understand that they are fully able to meet the demands of the status of the two is obvious. It is ideal for the couple that they have done. Due to the existence of the relationship. Just look for the information I found similarities between the two gamjakhuri! It has to be determined after the conclusion of the research, Journal of Psychology and Social parsonyaliti. 'Researchers claim to be the ideal couple, however, two issues stand out. Physical beauty is in the eye of men must needs a mate. As it was, he was not adhikarinii quality. The same conditions apply bidusira too big. Placed upside down side, the physical beauty of women who are cintina. The single issue, male exposure to earn revenue, the status symbol of social position or what - and so on.The first can be heard, which was the key? But everyone knows that! But the scientific method has been proven through research, women tend to influence the other hand, the male where the beauty pujari. Until recently it was called to dismiss the traditional data, based on the success of any love or marital similarities between the two equations. But recent research, this information is not entirely correct.The Singapore Management University's Psychology Department, Professor narmyana more recent study, Lee and Arizona State University researcher Oliver snyaga. They have a variety of online chatting sites for help and speed - detinyera. Icchakrtabhabei was chosen for all the girls, who look very ordinary. The men were chosen, they do not have a sense of prestige or social position is not so strong. In surprisingly, men sanginidera look after each has to say about. Women, the other hand, the same way he did all the men who refused social position is not so strong.Professor Lee said, the success of this research has been very easy, because all men and women have expressed their intention oyalei chat rooms. So I tend towards the more, it can be easily caught. Lee said, women have a higher level of the residence, but was able to hold between the status symbol for those who, like all women are purusakei. On the other hand, men tend toward the beautiful mate. Aparupa, but at least the mid-face!Lee did say, however, is not ideal at all for lingabaisamyamukta of this research. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Professor kenarika claims, the scientific research is correct, eliminate discrimination, it can not have any particular role, but also increase sex difference. Kenarikera of men and women like the fact that they want to partner or companion. People tend to be more specific to a particular side, so there is no reason for it.source : internet