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               Life on Earth came from Mars!

Pulse of life on Earth , its origin is in the world. Instead billion Views annually since wandering space rocks away from the planet Mars was riding life coming here - one of the Florence bijnanasabhaya the emanatai Italy scientists have claimed.Claimed a new one based on the research results of scientists that the origin of life on Earth in the early days the weather was not favorable for. But when Mars was suitable for the weather. Arrivals of life on Earth from Mars , so they have a well-established theory . I have already some life into the world seems agamanatattba. Displayed in theory Florence bijnanasabhaya - and the controversy was further fueling the flames .They are, however , three sets of boron and malibadenama adikale the presence of two minerals. But then it was not enough boron. The chemical composition of the malibadenamera is not suitable for the creation of life . The reason behind everything , and expenses have enough oxygen in Earth's atmosphere has not provided . The welfare of the world more than dry weather. There was oxygen in the atmosphere. The Mars environment more convenient malibadenama the adequate amounts of boron. Based on the data of three million years ago , scientists believe environmental variations on the planet after the diagnosis , not the Earth, was mangalei the evolution of life .Source: BBC .