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                        Dinosaur Eater Snake

The dinosaur eggs and baby food in an era of primitive snake. Fossil six million to 70 million years of the snake and scientists who research says.
The study, published in the Public Library of Science One of plosa. The report called, diet snake primitive dinosaur fossils were the first direct evidence of his being. Was found on the three-meter long snake species taitanosorasa dinosaur fossils to keep children involved. It is understood, dinosaur sapati game. And, sapati that researchers newly born baby dinosaur eggs that attack. But the storm is likely due to natural disasters, snakes and dinosaur is positive, and the child died shortly after their bodies were frozen. Scientists who study fossils are, the primitive age of the dinosaurs, the great fear of sapake.
Survey of India has bhutattibaka phasalatira detector. Said Dhananjaya, 'we kind of strange fossils discovered experience romancakara. '
Excavations in the United States and Canada Michigan bisbabidalaya experts studied at the University of Toronto misisauguya. The fossil was discovered in India in 1987. 001 was the first American scientists are sure about the existence snakes phasile and the dinosaur.