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   Darwin Crow - myaganana manabagosthira scion

Was myaganana manabagosthira the descendant - the idea of ​​the father of Charles Darwin Direct Crow . 30 thousand years ago rights niyanadarathala of extinction in Europe in their development. Australian scientists has published data on Thursday . Darwin was a descendant - the sequence of the human race - the progress made ​​in the research project director Spencer Wales jenographika of Europeans in general proportions hepalo Group B 1.
Wales said man hepalo the Group B 1 - ' s bansabhukta, the they directly Crow - population included myaganana. The percentages of their 30 thousand years ago . In Europe, the prevalence of the human race control and the rise of the abolition of niyanadarathaladera.
In Wales , the grandson of third generation cerisa the Darwin Darwin (48) DNA testing of samples collected in the information obtained through. Cerisa currently live in a suburb of Sydney .
Wells said , with a trace of Darwin in genetics, and leaving him pitrpurusara the Africa since about 45 thousand years. Five thousand years later , the prevalence of family in Iran or southern Central Asia . Western Europe before the direction of the transitional phase , which is known as ratios. This is the rate of 35 thousand years ago . He said: " 70 percent of people in South England hepalo Group B 1 - ' s bansabhukta. Ireland and Spain , the figure is more than 90 percent .
Darwin in 1859 that led to the emergence of the book " at the origin of spisisa '- the theory of the evolution of the human race , in the belief that all human beings have evolved from the same ancestor .
Source: AFP.