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                                     Kidney Donation

Facebook's own kidneys to save the life of a friend who just gave the United States Mayor Middle hebhenera the secretariat for the hat trade. My friend is one of the last years of his college Carlos Sanchez is a Facebook application. Sanchez responded to the application with the Mayor of a 36-year-old has expressed interest in having a Facebook message. He says the mayor of Cap newspaper, start thinking about this issue. However, I've decided to donate my kidney is unknown. '
Mayor surprised to receive a message from Sanchez, who is 44 years old. His words, "I was the mayor of the first through mini message. You are unsure of the kidneys., But when he told me he was sure he had some significance '.
Everything was from the kidneys to get even the mayor is very easy for Sanchez. Doctors are not sure of the mayor's health does not allow to donate a kidney.
Finally, on April 8, Yale New Haven Hospital is a successful kidney transplant. Both leave the hospital within a week. source : internet