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                    Human Body

Camera is the eyes and nose tarbaina internal organs - organs being achieved wheel, Jack and the protection of the reaction tube. Was pratyangake the factory machines with German doctors in ear phritja the great popularity of this theory several decades - organs of the human body.
Hundreds of years painters and scientists to work in the human body the einaya method described in different ways. This amazing success is that explains phritja the ear joteni the fate of others.
In a museum in Berlin recently pulled out of the bottomless forget his work in the field of industry biology ear '- the mechanical philosophy, it was decided to honor. The mission of the Heritage Museum in Berlin last Saturday of the exhibition is the work of the ear. 'Phritja ear - mechanical and number one will be held in April this month.
Striroga ear specialist (1968-1888), design satirao more than one (Illustration) in place. I lost a lot of thought. Has been compared to body design with smooth device. And sbasanalike the pipeline, which provides oxygen balaguloke pemche and destination. Create packets of sugar and starch in staff liver saribemdhe. Two scientists with electric control panel. Less than that of a fellow blood pressure and heart rate and breathing - breathing keeps an eye on.
Amkiye not very good ear. So he approached the design was to draw professional artists. Several decades was on the way to the massive expansion in the industrial Berlin. 19 in 1931, was published five pieces of the series 'Das Das label menasena' (human life). Best cellar recognition in a short period of time.
The priest was a Jew. With the rise of Hitler in Germany, and ended in success. And banned books in natsira khanta. They burned books. Look for this in the United States in 1941, doctors were able to escape.
At a time him kantharodha natsira in Germany was able to design his book recently published in English and German. The web site is the place to do it. source : internet