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It was physical condition Hitler najuka of the altogether. These will be used drugs in the body 8. His girlfriend,Eva Braun spent the first days of bhayagrara - use extraction testosterana .
The researchers recently yauthabhabe ' of the Association of Hitler ? 'In the book, Hitler was ghoulish kamabesi responsible for the physical condition of najuka.
Appeared Hitler Cikitsabisayaka and his army papers in asylum documents gabesakadbaya . Hitler 's personal physician Dr. . Theodora Morrell examined documents lekhakadbaya. Said . Morrell was very cold, but there are many high-class natsidera Hitler believed him. The tools often Morrell . The book said . Morrell documents in evidence,and it was a pill scare Hitler to eat. Most drugs used to inject hitalarake. Morrell . The researchers wrote , in 1944 , and began a kind of mixture of hitalarake to said injection testosterana. Morrell . Prosteta gland and semen from the bull, and consists mixture. Hitler believed that , through the living and take care of a lot less than the old ibhake company can offer. However, Hitler believed that he lived a long life. Next year in Berlin with bankarera In atdahatya Hitler and Eva .
The researchers said that Hitler was afraid of cancer. High muscle raktacapasaha - shrinking and weakness byathaya. His throat several times palipasa ( muscle) is removed kemte. A new study says , Hitler maratdaka the gas bowel dysfunction. For ' a lot ' of anti - drug phlaculenasa eat . Straicanainera in the heart of some of the material was. Said.Morrell was a small amount of hitalarake ayamaphetamaima. Ayamaphetamaima of the drug and make it mohabesa. Glucose injection methamaphetamaina, barabicuretasa ( nerve peaceful sleep or AIDS ), opiyetasa ( for pain aids ) and various other drugs given hitalarake. At one point during the war, Hitler was in 8 different types of medications.It is proposed to increase the use of drugs to raise a total of 8 different types. Professor of the Department of Medicine at the University Hospital in Berlin hyanasa the Charity and his partner, writer concluded,dysfunction and Parkinson 's disease Hitler.But again, they also said , "Hitler bibhrame bhogenani the any time.   source : internet