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                             Hidden History

Who was the first aircraft design ? Lionardo in bhinci, 14 century. '" The idea of ​​a saurajagatera? Koparnikasa, the 15th century. '" The manabasarirera the full picture of the blood _ William Harvey , the 16th century. 'We know that given the right questions uttaragulokei. Science Museum, London is the traditional exhibition, which began last Thursday , where it may cause confusion with this knowledge . The claim that there is some evidence , European scientists have done a lot of important issues before the Muslims . The information provided in accordance with, the early Christian scholar Ibn ninth Abbas phiranasa , using a wooden fan (glaidara) orena sky. Iranian scientists at the earliest time 13 saurajagatera the transfer form and picked up a partial picture up by the blood early in the manabasarirera cikitsabijnani Egyptian Ibn al-Nafis . Participated with many inventions and discoveries of modern scientists.However, in the modern world of the 16th century - the contribution of science to try to keep the gold seems to be the story of the past now. Museum of Science Susan masamyana the achievement of these scientists called ' hidden history ' as well. The hidden history of the modern era with the 1001 innovation must be entered : the discovery of the heritage of the world , has also been organizing the exhibition . This regulators , scientists have been of European scientists to the credit of the show to appear.700 of 1700 in the proportion of astronomy, mathematics , geography, and prakausalabidya and chemistry and innovation have different exhibitions of medicine. Has described this time , China, India , Persia , Africa and the Arab world , and scientific and technological development in that extraordinary time, as the science museum director Professor Chris ryapale. He said he was in the dark , he has to carry the torch of knowledge bisbai. Professor Salim hasasani sponsoring the show and said, ' If you ignore the contributions of other cultures , but of cultural dominance . Today, we have the contribution of other nations and cultures to know and respect ' . Organizers say , the various branches of science to contribute to the neglected western countries . Said Masamyana, and I do not know a lot of Arab and Muslim culture . It must have been organized by the hidden history of the show , and achieved recognition in the exhibition. Rate in 1700 from 700 in addition to the discovery of a document that has been written . This document is offered , Marco Polo and Columbus before 1 century map of the world , depending on one name their geographic idarisi . The idea was to create a water pump early jajari the Al . In the nineteenth century , invented a machine diagnostic and surgical equipment used in the display area of the tenth century .In the space provided , and watch the elephants , bearing signs of its cultural diversity . It has been used to create a clock elephants jajarira, the Chinese dragon, and technology in Greece , Egypt and Saudi in Phoenix bird . 5 days from February 1 to March break in the exhibition will continue until April 5.