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                                Ghost city

The former Soviet Union used to be a military camp in the city on Friday past auction latabhiya. City purchased $ 31 million, through -1 Skrunda on Russian non-governmental organizations. Sold for a minimum price of 10 times higher than the price specified in the auction strunda -1. The city was abandoned in existence for a long time. Introduction of the "ghost town" as well. Privatization Latabhiyara the management organizes the auction.
Latabhiyara hundreds of kilometers to the west of the capital, and a half from Riga strunda -1 - position of the 's. In 1980, the city was built. Use a radar station in the Soviet Union, did not specify the location of the manacitrei for. It was observed from space and rocket attack on the United States to be monitored. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has used the rules.
Latabhiyara city repeatedly to wipe tagada after Russian soldiers learn to do from here. Finally, in 1995 radarayukta the United States an important institution in the city saw a building with dynamite completely empty. Since then, the city offers recreational activities the latabhiyara uthaleo government has to consider the issue of importance.
Since nearly a decade from the estate of 45 hectares (111 acres) area of ​​the city was destroyed 70 buildings. Russia is expected to invest in commercial real estate udagriba latabhiyara because they are aware of the city to be sold in Russia.  source : internet