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                                Funny punishment

He was sentenced mad in bhanacura skulabalakake crime up to six months of home chore to go to the ' punishment ' of a teenager in Ireland. Call of income can not be said for the court service . The boy in the south of the city of Dublin in May rap in his mother's house to taste the Cup - and curamara saucer. Not Bhanacura boy 's mother , but the police did not stop the news . In the end, to the side of the court . The court had convicted him . Judge Claire Leonard in the 15 - year - old boy last Wednesday of ejalase read as follows: " Do you go to school , my mother - has a 'no' if you can not be excited, will klabeo to participate in sports ." Judge for six months until he was in his own room clean - clean the cooking instructions on how to do this . Reform of the police officer Jamie Court , the boy was on the edge of the cup and broke the plate. Drag the screen to tear into his room . Leak in the wall ' . However , he said, is not found evidence of any boy a criminal offense or any offense because I did not enjoy impunity . When the boy was sad ' to express. During the session , the boy 's mother said , no problem other than the child's behavioral problems . The court says , we do not need to keep the police surveillance. And " family therapy " to participate in the court directs . It will be and weighed the behavior of the boy in the next six months .