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                   Find the nearest ancestors

Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) , intermediate species in the evolution of the human race has . The existence of fossils that are found in different types at different times , but this was not a transitional species , any news around the world. Recently , I found a new species of hominid skeleton in South Africa, and scientists. The scientific name of the ' Homo habilisa. This is the expected first modern human species . A human evolutionary history of the newly discovered , can not be repaired. Professor Lee Berger of the University of Johannesburg discovered cunapatharera the province 'malapa' cave excavations .
Nearly complete skeleton of a child faces an estimated 0000000 years. Fossil will be next Thursday. The South African President Jacob fossil Friday and in the media that he was planning was broadcast pracaranasaha the television documentary .
Most fossils are usually sprayed entire skeleton bones - the spray can . The nearly complete skeleton for a human being in the form of the earliest ancestor would like to see , how they move , what its characteristics : it is very easy to get a lot of questions to be unknown . 0000000-16,000,000 years ago , but it spread to the entire African continent . Spine straight and feet at the beginning of the walk. Patharasaha after he learned to use other sharp weapons .
Was found on a pair of teeth coyale skeleton. The jaw is connected with the skull , it 's a bit on the lower part of the spinal column , pelabhisa ( lower spine and hip between asthikathamo), has been integrated with Lemba sister .
Scientists are doing , and hominid , Australopithecus , a species first appeared 39 million years ago in Africa, and increasingly " Homo " is the evolution of the species . Day of Australopithecus ' Environmental Protection Agency refined species ( gorillas, chimpanzees and apes like ) angabaisistya with increasingly learning to stand up straight and get in shape brain . They are nearly 5 million years ago , Homo habilisa as atdaprakasa. It is recognized as a human being first. Species are found only in some samples of the research , and that research is very scarce . But recent discoveries have the opportunity to learn more about the species.
Brukasa human evolution expert at the University of Oxford. Andaradanera According to Simon, the new fossil discovery helps to understand most deeply bibartanadharake humanity . If it really is, and seen as banarajatiya species madhyabartikalina sanyogasutra they will carry great importance to scientific . source : internet