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       Facebook exceeded Google

In the past year to visit Google to list sites beyond Facebook. The Internet has made research institutions hitaoyaisa enperiyana. According to information received in the first search engine popular behind phelala of the Facebook site Google social services. Said Enperiyana hitaoyaisa, from January to December of last year, 8.93 percent of Internet users in the United States have visited the site on Facebook. Visitors list with 7.19 percent in the second place on Google. And 3.5, 3.30 and 0.65 percent in the third list, Yahoo Mail, YouTube, fourth and fifth Yahoo. In March of last year, mainly from changes in the facility to add more users to the Internet became popular on Facebook. Said online tracking of kamaskora, only in the month of November will be visiting the Yahoo! site, at the top of the list. While the United States on the world of Google, as the most visited site managed to maintain its position in Google. And Analysts said Starlim kamaskorera the United States behind Google Facebook really exciting to proceed. Number of Facebook users in 50 countries all over the world. Internet users spend time on Google to find information about the use of Facebook is for entertainment purposes only.source : internet