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                   Dog And Cat Out

China is not removed the dog and cat meat from the list of foods. The government is going to make me a law.
When the law passed by the legislature meat, dog and cat bhaksanakarira the maximum period of 15 days in jail and a fine of $ 730.
He said a news report that ibhenim the Chongqing China.
The report is a violation of the law if the group party or organization 1.464 73 dollars, and it would be a fine of up to $ 39.
Conceived to make the project work in progress. It may take about a year to pass the legislature.
Injury or death in the brutal behavior of the animals from being taken over. And animal health, transport and kasaidera nitimalasaha Chapter 9 ainatite.
China dog and cat meat is not seen widely in the table of food. For cat meat is very popular in southern China. The truck carrying the often cat pranipremira the blocks.
In the preparation of the draft vision cam jioyena, it does not have any effect on the diet. Very few people have dogs and cats eat meat. source : internet