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                           Computer virus

First: What is Virus:Is a program or part of the code that you enter into the computer for the purpose of sabotage and is characterized by its ability to copy itself to many copies and their ability to move from place to place and from computer to computer, disappearances and contents coverage .Second: The which consists virus?1 - sub-program to infect the operational programs ..2 - sub-program to start a virus ..3 - to start a sub - program of sabotage ..Third: types:1 - starts work destructive virus if a certain condition is met as the date - or open a program or move from system to system.2 - starts work destructive virus just by operating the computer and work on the copy itself to re-run.3 - subversive work of the virus begins once the transition once.Fourth: the place of infection by viruses:
He is active in the area of ​​the operating system, one of the most dangerous types of viruses as it prevents you from device driver2: Macro viruses (Macro Virus)It is one of the most prevalent viruses where it hit the Office programs, and it is also written with flowers or Notpad3: viruses files (File Virus)It is spread in the files and when you open any file increases the spread ..4: Hidden Virus (Steath Virus)They are trying to hide from anti-virus software, but easy to catch her5: metamorphic viruses (Polymorphic virus)It is more difficult for resistance programs where it is difficult to catch her and change from one device to another in the orders ..But the level of non - technical written making it easier to remove them6: viruses multiple files (Multipartite Virus)Infect the boot sector files and fast-spreading ..7: worms (Worm)It is a program that copies itself to the hardware and comes through the network and copies itself to the device several timesEven slows down the machine is designed to slow down the network devicesAnd some people say his mother, this type of virus is not considered as it is designed not to slow down to remove the files and sabotage ..8: patches (Trojans)It is also a small program that may be integrated with another file to hide when someone bring him down and opens it affectsThe Registry and have open ports which makes the device easily penetrate and is considered one of the smartest programsFor example, when people work there some Altorzin the FAFSA itself in the form of files unspecified Wimmer population without recognizableAnd then combines the same againFifth: the steps of the virus:Infection method differs from one virus to another and from one type to another and this is a brief explanation of how viruses work: -1 - infection occurs for the executive program and will not feel any change in it.2 - when the infected program starts work begins virus activity as follows: -A - Special Alfie program performs research, examines virus programs with the extension. Exe or. Com or .. And that I find any of them bring a small Jdze ofBeginning of the program into memory and then looking for his mark van grandfather shaken the program and search for the other, and if they do not find it into our first program.B - after that have occurred infection talked currency vandalism that cause errors when the program is the work of the injured.3 - then control returns to the program again (after it was controlled by the virus) seems to be working normally.4 - Then the infection process is finished is to get rid of the virus in the first executable file where the virus has spread to other programs.VI: What is the effect of the virus:Or what can work for viruses? ? :1 - slowing down your computer 's performance, or unusual errors occur when the program is executed.2 - Increasing the size of the files, or increase the time loaded into memory.3 - hear musical tunes unfamiliar.4 - The emergence of strange messages or effects on the screen.6 - a change in the date of registration of the files as virus in Vienna who writes 62 anywhere seconds.7 - a malfunction in the performance of the keyboard as if different icons appear for the keys that have been compressed as in virus Haloechon or a lock for the keyboard as in the virus Edv.8 - a shortage of available memory space as the Ripper virus, which occupies 2 kilobytes (KB) of the top of the main memory. And it can be revealed by the MEM command or CHKDSK.9 - You receive an insufficient memory to load the program had previously worked normally.10 - The emergence of small areas on the disk as bad areas not suitable for storage as in Italan virus, Ping Pong, which are the sectors unfit for storage spaces KB one.11 - Disable sabotaging the system boot sector BOOT SECTOR12 - destroy data files such as Word and Excel ...... and others.Seventh: What are the stages of the infection?1 - cumin stage: where the virus is hiding in the device for a period ..2 - deployment phase: and the start of Alvuors in the copy itself and Alachar in programs, Esbtha and put his mark in. ..3 - phase attract Alznad: and is a stage explosion at a certain date or day .. Such as the Chernobyl virus ..4 - the stage of the damage: The device is sabotage ..Eighth: how to move or infect devices:1 - Turn on the machine by a flexible cylinder infected.2 - Implementation of the Programme of in the cylinder infected.3 - Copy of the cylinder program infected with the virus to the device.4 - Download files or programs from the networks or the Internet5 - the exchange of e-mail containing the virus (attachments).Flashes  Tags CARDS.
Ninth: due process when it detects virus infection:1 - acted calmly and without haste, lest it worse not start deleting the infected files or formatted disks.2 - Do not proceed with any action by numbers and audit work plan showing what you will do in an orderly fashion.3 - Restart your computer from a system disk safe and protected and served one anti-virus programs that run from the DOS system and disk Lin does not occupy any program from your hard drive.4 - Check out all the soft disks have whatever number to isolate the infected disks from the sound.Tenth: prevention of infection by viruses:1 - Inspect all exotic or disks that have been used in other devices prior to use.2 - create all the soft disks to be used on your computer.3 - Non-implementation of any program is taken from public networks such as the Internet before the examination.4 - the computer does not boot from the any Lin disk before to make sure it is free of viruses.5 - Do not leave soft disks in the drive when the device is off work.6 - Make sure that the disk drive free soft before re - boot device.7 - gaming software is not running on the same machine that contains the data and important programs.8 - soft disks protection against writing to prevent the virus from moving it.9 - Use original or licensed programs.10 - use a password to prevent others from tampering with your computer in your absence.11 - keep multiple backup copies of all your files before experimenting with new programs.12 - Processing of computer anti-virus program and use it on a regular basis.13 - Updating anti-virus software on a permanent basis to ensure detection of new viruses.14 - Keep a copy DOS clean from viruses and protected against writing to be used when the infection.15 - attention to soft discs from institutes and colleges (traditional places for viruses).16 - Close the device completely and restart it when the emergence of a non bootable diskette.

13. Said Internet users to download to your computer through a web-based tool to attack the virus without antivirus manufacturers simenteka. They said so far, 00 countries all over the world, 40 million of the computer has a virus attack. source : internet