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Although different types of chocolate available in the market to buy shoes made ​​in the form of chocolate first. Francis Porter made ​​in one of the interesting design of shoes with chocolate.
Graphic designer job in a cake shop 10 years ago, and Porter (47). Had burned. But Porter's own interests in order to create thing new've create shoes Chocolate appetite for fetch. Chocolate is poured into the mold to make a choice. Then it was margin segulote and ornaments. Has created a modern and aesthetic design of the shoe. The child's mother was a porter in the shoes of the buyer. He said: 'This is the same with chocolate and shoes for women, men are considered attractive gifts. 'The price of a pair of size 9 shoes stores Porter eight centimeters and 17 centimeters in one pair of shoes cost £ 1 £. Britain was in his shoes and notice namidami that some institutions. 'Liberty' London big shoe companies in their campaign to create shoes sajiyeche store