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                                 Buffalo Soldier

' Buffalo Soldier ' , ' No Woman, No Cry ' , ' Get up , stand up ', ' Black progress ' - that a lot of minds bhubanakampano the songs of Bob Marley sangitapremidera. However, the countless fans all over the world. Neglected the rights of the poor countries of my favorite songs gaoyaya Marley man. The song talks about anger and problems that young minds. Of cancer at the age of only 36 years , from one part of the great artists of the day, in 1945.
Was Jamaica marlera the country restless at birth. The political and social instability and economic situation in the country. White - black point difference was due to the conflict . Marley was born in the slums of cities notorious Jamaica. Identity crisis in the next world . From an early age because of his father and mother white , black and white - black conflicts of dysfunction. At the time of ' the people ' as paricayatikei took identity. It was his team ganagulote - like - regardless of the jayagana of religion.
Singing was always in favor of humanity marlera the site krsnangadera. About kalodera in the world will go against racial violence . Language had more songs. The invasion was a protest song Marley . He said he strongly opposed to imperialism people adhikarabancita through his music. He had a significant role in the country 's political factions to meet. Has a few concerts jyamaikaya. All through the concert stage to try one of the political leaders.
Jibanaghanistha singing marlera the world is huge. Many of the songs in concerts in Europe and America. I come from third world countries all over the world , the popularity of an artist who has a record . In 1999 , the ' Bob Marley and oyeilarsa' Album ' Twenty best albums of the century " by Time magazine selected .
The band was formed 18 years of age, with only a few Marley . Then again , sometimes alone , sometimes with the lyrics of the album is out. Along with artist sabyasaci the songwriter, said composer and singer and guitarist . Due to his lungs and brain cancer silpijibana limited to only 18 years . He died on May 11 , 1981. After nearly 30 years away, but his popularity was still low.  source : internet