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                                Big Bang

United States and India , two of the most discussed widely on the establishment of the Big Bang theory raises questions . According to them, the Big Bang theory to create a magazine survival rasadera.Kumar Lal of India's Ministry of Statistics and Program me Implementation and Research Laboratory in California rauna Joseph brain studies , which astronomical the magazine was published in the Harvard Journal of April .
The study said the two organizations, ' The Big Bang of their research message shadow of doubt . Science through the creation of new corridors to starting I can see . '
According to him , there was 1375000000 years before the Big Bang when the universe was that it should not be. But still stands Galaxy a few hundred million years. The size and duration of the Galaxy self-sufficient. He said that the data is paper - the data .
' Big Bang? A Critical Review " names in the paper that threw this question , some years ago , 1375000000 , emerging materials existed in the universe , so the universe of through large byanyera and signed at the beginning of what we say ?"
He stressed , however, that the day may soon come when you will have to accept big incident byanyera the event at the beginning. Astonishment of astronomers in the future you can think of , as - despite the existence of data that scientists do not believe in the theory of that wonderful baiparityebhara ' !
In 1916 , Einstein and his theory of relativity assumes that the existence of gravitational waves . According to this theory , gravitational waves byanyera the large in the early stages of a second. According to scientists , estimated the creation of the universe , three million eighty thousand years, the Big Bang is derived from the cosmic microwave oven . But the existence of gravitational waves in a large toad was found from the first minute .
The Big Bang Theory is the belief , in the form of gravitational waves flowing through byanyera large spread in the universe. The gentle waves of the universe in space and time sheets with Redwanur. Gravitational waves is still spreading universe duradurante the gradually. Although the waves are very weak and are difficult to be detected by conventional astronomical tools and research , but the waves that carry information , which is known from the beginning they prabahamana great byanyera.
Kumar , based in large byanyera EMKE prasnarekha thinking. source : internet