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                               100 years worth Pill

More than a hundred people to live a drug that would help scientists to create dbaraprante. Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York in the life science research, and they're making such a pill. Agami is run through three years of experience.
It is useful to survive after the discovery of the three genes scientists bhinnarakama the took the initiative to create this medicine. Two of these genes in the "good cholesterol" helps to create humans. Cholesterol reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. And the rest is a gene that helps to prevent diabetes. Studies of this gene in the body is 80 percent lower risk of disease alajheimara them.
Found that the average age of the 100 genes to continue the study of a group of members of the Jewish people.
Genes of these three drugs work. Director of the research organization. Barajilai Nira go ahead with the creation of many drugs and laboratory tests in the next three years, will be created. Results 'horizon', a documentary film has been made ​​and it will be displayed next Friday.   source :  "The Telegraph"