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In addition to the fragrant spices of saffron in cooking and medicine and used Bastille . Demand Japharanera increases more than current prices. Thus more profit black marketeer the profits of drug trafficking in saffron.
Been trafficked saffron from Iran to India. It is the loss of saffron farmers in India. Traders said the loss of another Iranian saffron .
Iran Saffron the per kilogram price of £ 100 . India is nearly twice the price. This is a very expensive spice in the end. Saffron in Iran on charges of sending the trafficking cycle . India has a wide range of the cycle, and the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia . They are hiding in the trafficking of goods saffron international flight .
The Customs Department said one officer , are trafficked every day come from Iran Saffron is on the run. coracalanira saffron still come in - to 5,000 Indian rupees is increased .
The official said also , Saffron black marketeer to handle the powder in the bag that comes with it . Device can not scan helped determine which airports are anayasei. Saffron is grown in Kashmir, India. However , the past few years there has been a lot of saffron production . Experts say , climate change , pollution and mismanagement casabadera of it has been in the state. It was the last three years a lot of prices Saffron.
' Kashmir saffron groyarsa ayasosiyesanasa' - ' has been reduced s spokesman Shakeel Ahmed Mir , and drought , and during the past 10 years because of mismanagement casabadera of saffron production rate of 85 percent. "He also said India needs more Saffron. Maphiyara taking a chance . South India and Mumbai , and is sold saffron Iranian black marketee in the India. Kashmiri saffron losing market. source : internet


                              Free antivirus

Computer viruses and cyber attacks from antivirus to use is important. Free and premium computer users can use two types of anti-virus. The premium for those who can not use antivirus, AVG antivirus software before they can use the free version / ww-en / download-avg-anti-virus-free AVG antivirus for free from the website Software can be downloaded.


                               Helpful Two Boys

Brother and sister pheithera jabarira Age 9 Age 11 . Jeffrey syandarasa the early to leave the workplace . Alana syandarasa pregnant mother . The pain of birth is the mother . Come out of the bathroom a few minutes after the mother's abdomen . Sorry to disappoint you , but I can not see the state bloodiest and katarano, the but mahurtei after two small children to support emergency service number 911 - on. Will be given the key to opranta phonei. Has strong ties to the fetus associated with pulse mother .
Moves cikitsakadala. The incident occurred in the state of California sanaphransisakote.
Jabari says : " I suddenly begun pain katarate . Has a full- body wet blood . Born brothers. 911 for ambulance - was on the phone . You are lying on the ground when I read the mother pheitha '.
Jabarira get on your phone and become immediately cikitsakadala quickly leave the scene. They came to the children to take immediate action phonei. After that she was a child on the phone with nirdesanamate pheitha child care clean and maternal pulse associated with spinning.
Said Pheitha, ' I called you on the phone with a piece of yarn linked pulse mother . Doctors do not know that you have moved . I 'm Alana ( 36), and half of the children do not behave abnormally. _ What do you do with it did not fall into it . He said: ' I do not think that a child born in the bathroom in front of the children . Front was grateful for my children . "
Jeffrey parents syandarasa to praise their children, and I'm really proud father .


                       AIDS Treatment "Banana"

The scientists said , to prevent the spread of HIV , the virus may be an important role in tissue. Laboratory experiments, they saw one tissue , byanaleka, the materials currently used in the treatment of HIV drugs kids . In a report published in the Journal of Biological kemistrite talk.
Treatment AIDS based on Byanalekera of the drug can be made ​​much cheaper, and you can save the lives of millions of people are doing about it. This material is bananas 'lekatina' the name of the chemical . Is created naturally inside the collar . U.S. researchers found that lekatinati seen the inside of the collar HIV enters the body through the barriers that have prevented sankramanake. 'Byanaleka' There is a lot of work enabhelapera ( envelope) , such as. Genealogical material that is stuck carrying the envelope protein of HIV , much of it in 'byanaleka.
AIDS researchers said at the University of misigana soyanasana Michael, " I have a problem with some medications HIV is a virus that can be disabled medicines and drugs to protect against . But lekatinera and there is a difficult task ." Lekatina HIV -1 enabhelapera stuck in various places sugarake find. The scientists were able to laboratory , byanaleka two drugs currently used to treat HIV , but - much stronger than 0 and marabhirakera.


                        Dinosaur Eater Snake

The dinosaur eggs and baby food in an era of primitive snake. Fossil six million to 70 million years of the snake and scientists who research says.
The study, published in the Public Library of Science One of plosa. The report called, diet snake primitive dinosaur fossils were the first direct evidence of his being. Was found on the three-meter long snake species taitanosorasa dinosaur fossils to keep children involved. It is understood, dinosaur sapati game. And, sapati that researchers newly born baby dinosaur eggs that attack. But the storm is likely due to natural disasters, snakes and dinosaur is positive, and the child died shortly after their bodies were frozen. Scientists who study fossils are, the primitive age of the dinosaurs, the great fear of sapake.
Survey of India has bhutattibaka phasalatira detector. Said Dhananjaya, 'we kind of strange fossils discovered experience romancakara. '
Excavations in the United States and Canada Michigan bisbabidalaya experts studied at the University of Toronto misisauguya. The fossil was discovered in India in 1987. 001 was the first American scientists are sure about the existence snakes phasile and the dinosaur.



                             Fast solar boat

Boat saurasakticalita 'turanara planetasolara' floating in the river Sina Paris. Sauracalita boat out of the entire 584 days ago bisbabhramane 60 thousand kilometers of road travel.


                                Funny punishment

He was sentenced mad in bhanacura skulabalakake crime up to six months of home chore to go to the ' punishment ' of a teenager in Ireland. Call of income can not be said for the court service . The boy in the south of the city of Dublin in May rap in his mother's house to taste the Cup - and curamara saucer. Not Bhanacura boy 's mother , but the police did not stop the news . In the end, to the side of the court . The court had convicted him . Judge Claire Leonard in the 15 - year - old boy last Wednesday of ejalase read as follows: " Do you go to school , my mother - has a 'no' if you can not be excited, will klabeo to participate in sports ." Judge for six months until he was in his own room clean - clean the cooking instructions on how to do this . Reform of the police officer Jamie Court , the boy was on the edge of the cup and broke the plate. Drag the screen to tear into his room . Leak in the wall ' . However , he said, is not found evidence of any boy a criminal offense or any offense because I did not enjoy impunity . When the boy was sad ' to express. During the session , the boy 's mother said , no problem other than the child's behavioral problems . The court says , we do not need to keep the police surveillance. And " family therapy " to participate in the court directs . It will be and weighed the behavior of the boy in the next six months .


   Darwin Crow - myaganana manabagosthira scion

Was myaganana manabagosthira the descendant - the idea of ​​the father of Charles Darwin Direct Crow . 30 thousand years ago rights niyanadarathala of extinction in Europe in their development. Australian scientists has published data on Thursday . Darwin was a descendant - the sequence of the human race - the progress made ​​in the research project director Spencer Wales jenographika of Europeans in general proportions hepalo Group B 1.
Wales said man hepalo the Group B 1 - ' s bansabhukta, the they directly Crow - population included myaganana. The percentages of their 30 thousand years ago . In Europe, the prevalence of the human race control and the rise of the abolition of niyanadarathaladera.
In Wales , the grandson of third generation cerisa the Darwin Darwin (48) DNA testing of samples collected in the information obtained through. Cerisa currently live in a suburb of Sydney .
Wells said , with a trace of Darwin in genetics, and leaving him pitrpurusara the Africa since about 45 thousand years. Five thousand years later , the prevalence of family in Iran or southern Central Asia . Western Europe before the direction of the transitional phase , which is known as ratios. This is the rate of 35 thousand years ago . He said: " 70 percent of people in South England hepalo Group B 1 - ' s bansabhukta. Ireland and Spain , the figure is more than 90 percent .
Darwin in 1859 that led to the emergence of the book " at the origin of spisisa '- the theory of the evolution of the human race , in the belief that all human beings have evolved from the same ancestor .
Source: AFP.

Computer tips

                           No Folder Name

Can you create a folder with the name of the device, but it can be done at the resort. First, create a folder. Right-click the folder, go to rineime or press F2. Hold down the Alt key. Then what - Council nambarapyada the press from 0160. The name of the folder will disappear. Then press Enter.

Right-click the folder and go to folder rineime or press F2. Hold down the Alt key. Then what - Council nambarapyada the press from 0160. The name of the folder will disappear. Then press Enter. If the folder will be created Unnamed. I want to create a new folder in the same directory folder to go rineime another Unnamed. Press and hold down the ALT key and press 0160. Press and hold down the left Alt key and press 0160.Please enter.


           Gmail - Mail Setup For Mobile

Simabiyana can get Nokia phones inabaksei G - all mail to come in the mail. Go mobile Message/option/E-mail/mailbox/newmailbox-. Select POP3. Please enter your e-mail address. Incoming mail server type as type of server as Security (ports) that SSL / TLS. Select a mailbox set up the connection.



                           Computer virus

First: What is Virus:Is a program or part of the code that you enter into the computer for the purpose of sabotage and is characterized by its ability to copy itself to many copies and their ability to move from place to place and from computer to computer, disappearances and contents coverage .Second: The which consists virus?1 - sub-program to infect the operational programs ..2 - sub-program to start a virus ..3 - to start a sub - program of sabotage ..Third: types:1 - starts work destructive virus if a certain condition is met as the date - or open a program or move from system to system.2 - starts work destructive virus just by operating the computer and work on the copy itself to re-run.3 - subversive work of the virus begins once the transition once.Fourth: the place of infection by viruses:
He is active in the area of ​​the operating system, one of the most dangerous types of viruses as it prevents you from device driver2: Macro viruses (Macro Virus)It is one of the most prevalent viruses where it hit the Office programs, and it is also written with flowers or Notpad3: viruses files (File Virus)It is spread in the files and when you open any file increases the spread ..4: Hidden Virus (Steath Virus)They are trying to hide from anti-virus software, but easy to catch her5: metamorphic viruses (Polymorphic virus)It is more difficult for resistance programs where it is difficult to catch her and change from one device to another in the orders ..But the level of non - technical written making it easier to remove them6: viruses multiple files (Multipartite Virus)Infect the boot sector files and fast-spreading ..7: worms (Worm)It is a program that copies itself to the hardware and comes through the network and copies itself to the device several timesEven slows down the machine is designed to slow down the network devicesAnd some people say his mother, this type of virus is not considered as it is designed not to slow down to remove the files and sabotage ..8: patches (Trojans)It is also a small program that may be integrated with another file to hide when someone bring him down and opens it affectsThe Registry and have open ports which makes the device easily penetrate and is considered one of the smartest programsFor example, when people work there some Altorzin the FAFSA itself in the form of files unspecified Wimmer population without recognizableAnd then combines the same againFifth: the steps of the virus:Infection method differs from one virus to another and from one type to another and this is a brief explanation of how viruses work: -1 - infection occurs for the executive program and will not feel any change in it.2 - when the infected program starts work begins virus activity as follows: -A - Special Alfie program performs research, examines virus programs with the extension. Exe or. Com or .. And that I find any of them bring a small Jdze ofBeginning of the program into memory and then looking for his mark van grandfather shaken the program and search for the other, and if they do not find it into our first program.B - after that have occurred infection talked currency vandalism that cause errors when the program is the work of the injured.3 - then control returns to the program again (after it was controlled by the virus) seems to be working normally.4 - Then the infection process is finished is to get rid of the virus in the first executable file where the virus has spread to other programs.VI: What is the effect of the virus:Or what can work for viruses? ? :1 - slowing down your computer 's performance, or unusual errors occur when the program is executed.2 - Increasing the size of the files, or increase the time loaded into memory.3 - hear musical tunes unfamiliar.4 - The emergence of strange messages or effects on the screen.6 - a change in the date of registration of the files as virus in Vienna who writes 62 anywhere seconds.7 - a malfunction in the performance of the keyboard as if different icons appear for the keys that have been compressed as in virus Haloechon or a lock for the keyboard as in the virus Edv.8 - a shortage of available memory space as the Ripper virus, which occupies 2 kilobytes (KB) of the top of the main memory. And it can be revealed by the MEM command or CHKDSK.9 - You receive an insufficient memory to load the program had previously worked normally.10 - The emergence of small areas on the disk as bad areas not suitable for storage as in Italan virus, Ping Pong, which are the sectors unfit for storage spaces KB one.11 - Disable sabotaging the system boot sector BOOT SECTOR12 - destroy data files such as Word and Excel ...... and others.Seventh: What are the stages of the infection?1 - cumin stage: where the virus is hiding in the device for a period ..2 - deployment phase: and the start of Alvuors in the copy itself and Alachar in programs, Esbtha and put his mark in. ..3 - phase attract Alznad: and is a stage explosion at a certain date or day .. Such as the Chernobyl virus ..4 - the stage of the damage: The device is sabotage ..Eighth: how to move or infect devices:1 - Turn on the machine by a flexible cylinder infected.2 - Implementation of the Programme of in the cylinder infected.3 - Copy of the cylinder program infected with the virus to the device.4 - Download files or programs from the networks or the Internet5 - the exchange of e-mail containing the virus (attachments).Flashes  Tags CARDS.
Ninth: due process when it detects virus infection:1 - acted calmly and without haste, lest it worse not start deleting the infected files or formatted disks.2 - Do not proceed with any action by numbers and audit work plan showing what you will do in an orderly fashion.3 - Restart your computer from a system disk safe and protected and served one anti-virus programs that run from the DOS system and disk Lin does not occupy any program from your hard drive.4 - Check out all the soft disks have whatever number to isolate the infected disks from the sound.Tenth: prevention of infection by viruses:1 - Inspect all exotic or disks that have been used in other devices prior to use.2 - create all the soft disks to be used on your computer.3 - Non-implementation of any program is taken from public networks such as the Internet before the examination.4 - the computer does not boot from the any Lin disk before to make sure it is free of viruses.5 - Do not leave soft disks in the drive when the device is off work.6 - Make sure that the disk drive free soft before re - boot device.7 - gaming software is not running on the same machine that contains the data and important programs.8 - soft disks protection against writing to prevent the virus from moving it.9 - Use original or licensed programs.10 - use a password to prevent others from tampering with your computer in your absence.11 - keep multiple backup copies of all your files before experimenting with new programs.12 - Processing of computer anti-virus program and use it on a regular basis.13 - Updating anti-virus software on a permanent basis to ensure detection of new viruses.14 - Keep a copy DOS clean from viruses and protected against writing to be used when the infection.15 - attention to soft discs from institutes and colleges (traditional places for viruses).16 - Close the device completely and restart it when the emergence of a non bootable diskette.

13. Said Internet users to download to your computer through a web-based tool to attack the virus without antivirus manufacturers simenteka. They said so far, 00 countries all over the world, 40 million of the computer has a virus attack. source : internet



              Prescription Medicine

Peel the cast of Modern mithalajite operandi * How it works «Poly Bell » ? Conducted research on promising pills , and I'm one of five pills a mixture of drugs ( for the treatment of high blood pressure with statins , aspirin ) significantly reduce blood pressure and cholesterol low density of the «Poly caps » Indian Indian Polycap Study ( TIPS ) could not be found . Use the pill with similar declines earlier this year in a study of four drugs ( blood pressure and statins for three ) together . However , it still may be a few questions before «Poly Bell » for public use will be answered . * You can lower blood pressure and lower rates of heart disease research will translate into lower cholesterol levels ? It is still the subject of research . * This is the best drug for each drug individually , work together ? The research «Poly Bell » noted that the mission conducted on each component , the statin drugs to reduce cholesterol , blood pressure, blood pressure medications may reduce . One study , however , low- pill «Poly Bell » of the cholesterol- lowering statins and other vehicles when mixed with certain drugs , suggesting that the loss of his skills , is dealt with on its own . If you increase the side effects of drug treatments do not mix ? The research «Poly Bell » on side effects associated with any increased risk , but it is difficult to determine which medication is causing the problem , because this is still a real concern that can not be displayed . Dr. Cannon said : " You have covered five drugs , five drugs at once you can do is to stop using the drug if you experience any side effects . I was in pain and then muscle statin drug , then you stop side effects along with statins , blood pressure medicine and aspirin should not be taken off . source : internet



Gabesanakendra NASA with $ 50 million in support of the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP). HP computers used by NASA over the next 10 years, according to the management of HP. A spokesman for NASA Stephen suyegarta, the NASA group, as well as computer software and technical support to promote the purpose of the receipt of the contract with HP.



                    Human Body

Camera is the eyes and nose tarbaina internal organs - organs being achieved wheel, Jack and the protection of the reaction tube. Was pratyangake the factory machines with German doctors in ear phritja the great popularity of this theory several decades - organs of the human body.
Hundreds of years painters and scientists to work in the human body the einaya method described in different ways. This amazing success is that explains phritja the ear joteni the fate of others.
In a museum in Berlin recently pulled out of the bottomless forget his work in the field of industry biology ear '- the mechanical philosophy, it was decided to honor. The mission of the Heritage Museum in Berlin last Saturday of the exhibition is the work of the ear. 'Phritja ear - mechanical and number one will be held in April this month.
Striroga ear specialist (1968-1888), design satirao more than one (Illustration) in place. I lost a lot of thought. Has been compared to body design with smooth device. And sbasanalike the pipeline, which provides oxygen balaguloke pemche and destination. Create packets of sugar and starch in staff liver saribemdhe. Two scientists with electric control panel. Less than that of a fellow blood pressure and heart rate and breathing - breathing keeps an eye on.
Amkiye not very good ear. So he approached the design was to draw professional artists. Several decades was on the way to the massive expansion in the industrial Berlin. 19 in 1931, was published five pieces of the series 'Das Das label menasena' (human life). Best cellar recognition in a short period of time.
The priest was a Jew. With the rise of Hitler in Germany, and ended in success. And banned books in natsira khanta. They burned books. Look for this in the United States in 1941, doctors were able to escape.
At a time him kantharodha natsira in Germany was able to design his book recently published in English and German. The web site is the place to do it. source : internet



                        Made for each Other

If it is a couple of 'Made for each Other', you must understand that they are fully able to meet the demands of the status of the two is obvious. It is ideal for the couple that they have done. Due to the existence of the relationship. Just look for the information I found similarities between the two gamjakhuri! It has to be determined after the conclusion of the research, Journal of Psychology and Social parsonyaliti. 'Researchers claim to be the ideal couple, however, two issues stand out. Physical beauty is in the eye of men must needs a mate. As it was, he was not adhikarinii quality. The same conditions apply bidusira too big. Placed upside down side, the physical beauty of women who are cintina. The single issue, male exposure to earn revenue, the status symbol of social position or what - and so on.The first can be heard, which was the key? But everyone knows that! But the scientific method has been proven through research, women tend to influence the other hand, the male where the beauty pujari. Until recently it was called to dismiss the traditional data, based on the success of any love or marital similarities between the two equations. But recent research, this information is not entirely correct.The Singapore Management University's Psychology Department, Professor narmyana more recent study, Lee and Arizona State University researcher Oliver snyaga. They have a variety of online chatting sites for help and speed - detinyera. Icchakrtabhabei was chosen for all the girls, who look very ordinary. The men were chosen, they do not have a sense of prestige or social position is not so strong. In surprisingly, men sanginidera look after each has to say about. Women, the other hand, the same way he did all the men who refused social position is not so strong.Professor Lee said, the success of this research has been very easy, because all men and women have expressed their intention oyalei chat rooms. So I tend towards the more, it can be easily caught. Lee said, women have a higher level of the residence, but was able to hold between the status symbol for those who, like all women are purusakei. On the other hand, men tend toward the beautiful mate. Aparupa, but at least the mid-face!Lee did say, however, is not ideal at all for lingabaisamyamukta of this research. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Professor kenarika claims, the scientific research is correct, eliminate discrimination, it can not have any particular role, but also increase sex difference. Kenarikera of men and women like the fact that they want to partner or companion. People tend to be more specific to a particular side, so there is no reason for it.source : internet


                             Hidden History

Who was the first aircraft design ? Lionardo in bhinci, 14 century. '" The idea of ​​a saurajagatera? Koparnikasa, the 15th century. '" The manabasarirera the full picture of the blood _ William Harvey , the 16th century. 'We know that given the right questions uttaragulokei. Science Museum, London is the traditional exhibition, which began last Thursday , where it may cause confusion with this knowledge . The claim that there is some evidence , European scientists have done a lot of important issues before the Muslims . The information provided in accordance with, the early Christian scholar Ibn ninth Abbas phiranasa , using a wooden fan (glaidara) orena sky. Iranian scientists at the earliest time 13 saurajagatera the transfer form and picked up a partial picture up by the blood early in the manabasarirera cikitsabijnani Egyptian Ibn al-Nafis . Participated with many inventions and discoveries of modern scientists.However, in the modern world of the 16th century - the contribution of science to try to keep the gold seems to be the story of the past now. Museum of Science Susan masamyana the achievement of these scientists called ' hidden history ' as well. The hidden history of the modern era with the 1001 innovation must be entered : the discovery of the heritage of the world , has also been organizing the exhibition . This regulators , scientists have been of European scientists to the credit of the show to appear.700 of 1700 in the proportion of astronomy, mathematics , geography, and prakausalabidya and chemistry and innovation have different exhibitions of medicine. Has described this time , China, India , Persia , Africa and the Arab world , and scientific and technological development in that extraordinary time, as the science museum director Professor Chris ryapale. He said he was in the dark , he has to carry the torch of knowledge bisbai. Professor Salim hasasani sponsoring the show and said, ' If you ignore the contributions of other cultures , but of cultural dominance . Today, we have the contribution of other nations and cultures to know and respect ' . Organizers say , the various branches of science to contribute to the neglected western countries . Said Masamyana, and I do not know a lot of Arab and Muslim culture . It must have been organized by the hidden history of the show , and achieved recognition in the exhibition. Rate in 1700 from 700 in addition to the discovery of a document that has been written . This document is offered , Marco Polo and Columbus before 1 century map of the world , depending on one name their geographic idarisi . The idea was to create a water pump early jajari the Al . In the nineteenth century , invented a machine diagnostic and surgical equipment used in the display area of the tenth century .In the space provided , and watch the elephants , bearing signs of its cultural diversity . It has been used to create a clock elephants jajarira, the Chinese dragon, and technology in Greece , Egypt and Saudi in Phoenix bird . 5 days from February 1 to March break in the exhibition will continue until April 5.


              View Mobile Youtube

High-speed Internet because they can not see the YouTube video on the desktop. You will be able to view YouTube videos through the mobile phone. Skaiphayara download the software from Then your device Nokia simabiyana - the installation of access supported. Open the program and click on the Select the video you want from YouTube page, click on the video.

Bit Tita

This is the data from the server through the document hyperlink in the worldwide Internet viewing technology. With this technology, and data on the server or on the web pages of text, photos, videos or any other files that can be viewed and downloaded. In 1989, British physicist, was Sir Tim barnarsali the first to propose that technology offers.


                             Human Tree

Plant trees manusalata 'phujiya' created by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman , and Rabindranath Tagore the world , the national poet Kazi Nasr al - Islam , the image of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Pictures of national leaders to create a work in progress . Women see the creation of hundreds of people in the local crowd jamacchena the brksamelaya narsarite name of God. The main features of Nur Haque plant. I took pictures iyahaiya asakara Amin preferred RabbiPhujiya with lataraHe said 005 people died in the Council of Ministers . It brksamela. I saw one made ​​narsarite and , Chairman of the trailer plant. And gave him a fuss . They identify , the chair was designed with trees phujiya. This is the trailer of the plant , and is used in a variety of decor. Hotels - decoration more motele seen it. Minister returned the money to buy the station. I go back to the tree house began to spread in Sylhet . The President made with fish ghurache the tree climber . Phujiya trailer with another plane , boat , car and trying to create . We can not be satisfied. But it was - and that is , one that has not already . But he was not successful.There is only one known in the world010 people died in the work of August. Was on 15 August . Listen to yedikei 7 a letter March aligalite . He thought he was going to bhasanatii duyara - came ' idea suddenly. Calachi way. I occurred in tanano to digital sign on the street. It was March 7 , the famous political statements banner image . The film was visually, which is known to be a single image of the Earth. Face with his hands up toward the top of the political structure of the body of a child who was able to tell ? This was a decision with drug addiction ' .I worked at night . Narsarite not , in hiding on the roof of his house , so I do not see it . I think that people have laughed. I think , I began to wonder what the young man ? Also could not understand at first you do not succeed? Political statements at the beginning of March 7 , the number of coil current structure of iron أدالي . The payments began slowly phujiya the trailer. Do you pull fifteen days. In the end the main thing is clear appearance . I'm starting to cut the excess part of the latara. The whole structure gradually becomes an apparent attempt a few months. I have been to this day , there should be more frequent and clear . Page latara Phujiya with the whole body after it was known political printed images .Vivo plant uthalena theNoor Huq can create a picture of Bangabandhu after getting drunk . Began to think , what to do with. In the end , I decided to create a picture of the world of Rabindranath Tagore . Why this decision? The light of truth , " Rabindranath Tagore is the author of our national anthem . We 've got a sweet music in the world . ' Previous work in the fields, but I did not dare . Has been reflected in the establishment of a portrait . After two days of continuous effort had been living quietly in the body of plant world uthalena.But the image wasAfter the establishment of national poet Kazi Nasr Islam, and he believed his portrait to create an image of the law. Trees problem damrala phujiya. I 've run out of all latagulo. Collection has all carai the very small. They can be made with a picture. This image is created , take care of him . Was two years Phujiya in trailer. But creating an image and 01 in hand , he said. It will take twenty days to create.Came brksamelaya theThis came in beginning of local brksamelara and his image. And najarulake anenani. He came to kabike brksamelaya mrtyudibasa 7 August Was placed next to him on the stage and the stalls . Formalities serechena the bit. The said Nur right , " some of the nursery owner also invited . , But the image and formally put together that do not make sense . Regarding day to tell her ."Image lakhThey are already making money pratikrtigulora price exceeded. Why is the price so much? The said Nur right , ' I did not mean any price. Prices may be a picture of this great man . Come brksamelaya. People expressing interest to buy . Price of the mobile number that you are going through . To be delivered on the last day of the fair price of the more inviting to them by the contact ' . The price is a picture - questions that are not answered in the law " , and the image of Bangabandhu 's Hamka have the money ." He explained that the cost of this , 80 percent of pratikrtigulo alive. The reason is to give them food , do not eat it, and was sick . If you are sick to attend. Latara are cut additional parts regularly , narasundarera like a lot of hair - trimmed beard ' .For many people in the crowd srstikarmagulo jamacchena. Jamuna has been linked to the bank to establish a branch of the first employee said Shekhar Ranjan Das , the political image of the tree for a few days , it was alcoholic wine . But that was not the workload. Opportunity Janmashtami for people who come to an end . " I would like to create an image of bikhyatadera said: ' It is without a doubt very creative. Factory trailer that is not something that I do not think . , And I think that people in the artists barenya of the great things we can do .' Sana Das sbaptasi father at the hands of the exhibition . despite the fact that the school does not , his views illustrated book . said : ' it was beautiful. "passed the pilot of Saif Chaudhry school away , making form of climber cintata the tree nice. When you create an image for a large garden with a great view . "Thinking in the futureIt's not the end of the work Haque light to create an image . Bisbabarenya in 015 countries and the leaders of 0 people want to photograph exhibition . I have a list of national leaders . Work has already begun to create a picture of her . Image Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi in the making, but they did it brksamelaya. Bring in the display 2015 .source : internet


                           Big Pig Dadalike

 I was filled with a little piglet. Traders said the key to the weight of 10 kg 1. He proved he was three years old, and the Dudley Boyz, 1.7 kg of weight. Longed five feet eight inches piglet like an elephant.
From an early age like pigs lyankasayarera, Catherine dayesa of Britain. As searching Chotajatera for piglet. Finally, if you have dadalike. 9 weeks, the child seemed barasarai. It is slowly size dasasai. TV does not work without eating any. I love art. There are sabajipritio. Drainrume on TV every day, gharamaya scouring the garden, and sleeping warm gadite in the night - and this is his routine. Man of the house - even if the pedestrian went ginnira the SAYE. Dudley wander in the garden of the house, which was inclined to hang numbing stand early. We believe that with the exception of driving draibhararao dadalike.source : internet


               Google Earth For Rome Empire!

In fact, the dhabansabasesa now ! But in the eyes of birds ( View eriyala) now and we will return to romake 3 0 khrstabdera busy city. This can be seen in glorious kanastantinopalera nagarirara and goodbye and seven thousand houses - the house . The Colosseum and the Roman Senate building with beautiful marble engineered khomcita. It is possible ! It is not a reality. Virtual image of the program Google Earth.Are shipped all over the world , satellite imagery for Google Earth ( images ) , but now there new additions to sthapanagulora the three -dimensional image . Google is the number one in this list, and the ancient city of Rome, Italy. California and Virginia State University for almost ten years , I have done a group of experts in an attempt to create a virtual image for the city of Rome . Travelers can also visit Rome in the dissemination of name , itihasasaha the information. It can be seen in andaramahalao sthapanagulora. Recently, was unveiled for the city of Rome in Google Earth this new activity . Technology developed at the University of Virginia Bernard phiscarera the main language , images and relics of the city of Rome was punanirmana pratnatatibakadera 13 km long wall with suggestions of ancient Rome.Bernard said perikalera phiscara the new initiative will be added to Google Earth in Giza, Egypt , Greece and the ancient city . Team of experts is busy now uiliyamasabarga building in the state of Virginia.source : internet



The ability of the stomach of one liter of water. Up to 4.5 liters of water in just 90 seconds, but you can get opam Ghana Dickinson. However, he can be found in the mouth with water. As a result, he has created the surprise of the trunk. But the call for a water fountain.
From 50 to 65 percent of the human body as medical. In a very short period of excess fluid in the body when the kidneys can not do it adapts, with the liquid directly into the blood. Most of adipose tissue and muscle in the human body is optional. Mercy began himself tisyugulo some swelling in the liquid for a liquid. But day after day, with extra liquid,, the third haiponatromiya, of these deaths may be. Tisyugulote brain is fat ingredients. Of fluid from the brain can not develop. This disease of haiponatromiya. However, the concept of medical evidence that opam the Dickinson Ghana. 4 man years old and can control the muscles of the stomach. The amount of water can ugare with it again.source : internet


                    Chocolate phone!

Chocolate is not just tongue, manao the wet. I had a chocolate phone. Really is!
It beta e 'and' e-strawberries in same phlebhare hyandasetagulo Japan can be found in the market. The first step will be from 13 entities dakomo the chocolate Leave your phone in the market.
The outer cover consists of hyandasetagulora klyamaselera see melted chocolate is soft. Motif menu to view the interior of the chocolate bar.
I do not even angasajja, with a variety of features that turn heads like. And dabilaubhijie (dathaae) eesabhi (ajhatha) 3-inch screen, 8 mega pixel CCD (IIU) camera, blue - Bluetooth connectivity and system panirodhaka.
For mobile phone in Japan are willing to buy airline tickets.


               Life on Earth came from Mars!

Pulse of life on Earth , its origin is in the world. Instead billion Views annually since wandering space rocks away from the planet Mars was riding life coming here - one of the Florence bijnanasabhaya the emanatai Italy scientists have claimed.Claimed a new one based on the research results of scientists that the origin of life on Earth in the early days the weather was not favorable for. But when Mars was suitable for the weather. Arrivals of life on Earth from Mars , so they have a well-established theory . I have already some life into the world seems agamanatattba. Displayed in theory Florence bijnanasabhaya - and the controversy was further fueling the flames .They are, however , three sets of boron and malibadenama adikale the presence of two minerals. But then it was not enough boron. The chemical composition of the malibadenamera is not suitable for the creation of life . The reason behind everything , and expenses have enough oxygen in Earth's atmosphere has not provided . The welfare of the world more than dry weather. There was oxygen in the atmosphere. The Mars environment more convenient malibadenama the adequate amounts of boron. Based on the data of three million years ago , scientists believe environmental variations on the planet after the diagnosis , not the Earth, was mangalei the evolution of life .Source: BBC .