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                      Live In Toilet

One thing us Massachusetts the toilet toilet take two . Other types of this pair in the light of China Paradise Home Gharata very small. Bargamitara only 0 . Justice and Equality Movement linjuna at home , and his wife and one son Devi jhikasiya and Wang. Bad smell coming nose dhukalei . To remove the smell of the water a little after dhalate. Classified and tidy dhukale gharatite the does not mean it, not at home - in fact it's free station . How to live in a house gifted student , and was a big one. I love to reads linjuna the Justice and Equality Movement . The engineer will have to dream big . The result was well , madhyamike high . In 1999 went to utare the the hailanjyam Institute of Science and Technology Admission Test . However, in the case of lack of money did not. I touch up with the abandonment of the family. What was the name of a village in Jilin Province phumina. He had the happiness , and peace , but it did not work . And 006 came in search of work senaiyanye the Justice and Equality Movement . Supplier is only 633 . And began to look for a roof over his head. Is not found anywhere else. Who - or so it will be less than the rent money ? Finally, the boys decided to hire the unused station . Was bad manatai with access . However, I role, moist him . In an attempt to cope. Little by little I began to decorate their homes . About two high Commodore wood bichiye tosaka been his bed so . Iurenala front of the tube , and put him on the table. If the TV . I wear a small issue in the shelf. I have not looked at the walls . Damp walls covered in red clothes . Rather than look at the whole wall . This is a one-bedroom beautiful in the toilet . Shoppers were looking for a job. Jotate not working , but in the end decided to polish shoes . Where the hotel is located just round the corner shop. Gave authorities Dayaparabasa the permission of the hotel. Every morning I opened the place to go . Wage of 10 yuan for a pair of shoe polish (1 of 6). Income of 15 thousand per month is 33 . And the Justice and Equality Movement to open satisfied . After spending the remainder was sent money to the old mother - the father. Accumulated facilitation. He said he was in love . In 010 he married liking jikasiyake and Wang. Paricchannatakarmi female profession . Honeymoon will be somewhere away from bauke of a hobby. I did not want to raise . Hobby fill in fancy ways . The rental savings from a six-day break at 345 for six in the 900 square foot luxury apartment . I go back to the room and started a new life . Wang opened a small place near the scheme besinera stove . Food - recovered invited two go to work. Returned in the evening . Others said watching television. This was a family tonatunira. The child was at home in the next year. Son , now three years old . Othaya suffer from unhealthy environments in sbasakaste. For the health of mother and son - both parents are very worried . Remove all the additional costs. In an attempt to more income . We try to make it better to rent a house . Official main application . Low-rent homes , a better environment. The problem is the toilet jbalacche. Water is a regular dhalate. Oparatalara use the toilet tube in the smell of it .source : internet