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                             Human Tree

Plant trees manusalata 'phujiya' created by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman , and Rabindranath Tagore the world , the national poet Kazi Nasr al - Islam , the image of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Pictures of national leaders to create a work in progress . Women see the creation of hundreds of people in the local crowd jamacchena the brksamelaya narsarite name of God. The main features of Nur Haque plant. I took pictures iyahaiya asakara Amin preferred RabbiPhujiya with lataraHe said 005 people died in the Council of Ministers . It brksamela. I saw one made ​​narsarite and , Chairman of the trailer plant. And gave him a fuss . They identify , the chair was designed with trees phujiya. This is the trailer of the plant , and is used in a variety of decor. Hotels - decoration more motele seen it. Minister returned the money to buy the station. I go back to the tree house began to spread in Sylhet . The President made with fish ghurache the tree climber . Phujiya trailer with another plane , boat , car and trying to create . We can not be satisfied. But it was - and that is , one that has not already . But he was not successful.There is only one known in the world010 people died in the work of August. Was on 15 August . Listen to yedikei 7 a letter March aligalite . He thought he was going to bhasanatii duyara - came ' idea suddenly. Calachi way. I occurred in tanano to digital sign on the street. It was March 7 , the famous political statements banner image . The film was visually, which is known to be a single image of the Earth. Face with his hands up toward the top of the political structure of the body of a child who was able to tell ? This was a decision with drug addiction ' .I worked at night . Narsarite not , in hiding on the roof of his house , so I do not see it . I think that people have laughed. I think , I began to wonder what the young man ? Also could not understand at first you do not succeed? Political statements at the beginning of March 7 , the number of coil current structure of iron أدالي . The payments began slowly phujiya the trailer. Do you pull fifteen days. In the end the main thing is clear appearance . I'm starting to cut the excess part of the latara. The whole structure gradually becomes an apparent attempt a few months. I have been to this day , there should be more frequent and clear . Page latara Phujiya with the whole body after it was known political printed images .Vivo plant uthalena theNoor Huq can create a picture of Bangabandhu after getting drunk . Began to think , what to do with. In the end , I decided to create a picture of the world of Rabindranath Tagore . Why this decision? The light of truth , " Rabindranath Tagore is the author of our national anthem . We 've got a sweet music in the world . ' Previous work in the fields, but I did not dare . Has been reflected in the establishment of a portrait . After two days of continuous effort had been living quietly in the body of plant world uthalena.But the image wasAfter the establishment of national poet Kazi Nasr Islam, and he believed his portrait to create an image of the law. Trees problem damrala phujiya. I 've run out of all latagulo. Collection has all carai the very small. They can be made with a picture. This image is created , take care of him . Was two years Phujiya in trailer. But creating an image and 01 in hand , he said. It will take twenty days to create.Came brksamelaya theThis came in beginning of local brksamelara and his image. And najarulake anenani. He came to kabike brksamelaya mrtyudibasa 7 August Was placed next to him on the stage and the stalls . Formalities serechena the bit. The said Nur right , " some of the nursery owner also invited . , But the image and formally put together that do not make sense . Regarding day to tell her ."Image lakhThey are already making money pratikrtigulora price exceeded. Why is the price so much? The said Nur right , ' I did not mean any price. Prices may be a picture of this great man . Come brksamelaya. People expressing interest to buy . Price of the mobile number that you are going through . To be delivered on the last day of the fair price of the more inviting to them by the contact ' . The price is a picture - questions that are not answered in the law " , and the image of Bangabandhu 's Hamka have the money ." He explained that the cost of this , 80 percent of pratikrtigulo alive. The reason is to give them food , do not eat it, and was sick . If you are sick to attend. Latara are cut additional parts regularly , narasundarera like a lot of hair - trimmed beard ' .For many people in the crowd srstikarmagulo jamacchena. Jamuna has been linked to the bank to establish a branch of the first employee said Shekhar Ranjan Das , the political image of the tree for a few days , it was alcoholic wine . But that was not the workload. Opportunity Janmashtami for people who come to an end . " I would like to create an image of bikhyatadera said: ' It is without a doubt very creative. Factory trailer that is not something that I do not think . , And I think that people in the artists barenya of the great things we can do .' Sana Das sbaptasi father at the hands of the exhibition . despite the fact that the school does not , his views illustrated book . said : ' it was beautiful. "passed the pilot of Saif Chaudhry school away , making form of climber cintata the tree nice. When you create an image for a large garden with a great view . "Thinking in the futureIt's not the end of the work Haque light to create an image . Bisbabarenya in 015 countries and the leaders of 0 people want to photograph exhibition . I have a list of national leaders . Work has already begun to create a picture of her . Image Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi in the making, but they did it brksamelaya. Bring in the display 2015 .source : internet