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               Google Earth For Rome Empire!

In fact, the dhabansabasesa now ! But in the eyes of birds ( View eriyala) now and we will return to romake 3 0 khrstabdera busy city. This can be seen in glorious kanastantinopalera nagarirara and goodbye and seven thousand houses - the house . The Colosseum and the Roman Senate building with beautiful marble engineered khomcita. It is possible ! It is not a reality. Virtual image of the program Google Earth.Are shipped all over the world , satellite imagery for Google Earth ( images ) , but now there new additions to sthapanagulora the three -dimensional image . Google is the number one in this list, and the ancient city of Rome, Italy. California and Virginia State University for almost ten years , I have done a group of experts in an attempt to create a virtual image for the city of Rome . Travelers can also visit Rome in the dissemination of name , itihasasaha the information. It can be seen in andaramahalao sthapanagulora. Recently, was unveiled for the city of Rome in Google Earth this new activity . Technology developed at the University of Virginia Bernard phiscarera the main language , images and relics of the city of Rome was punanirmana pratnatatibakadera 13 km long wall with suggestions of ancient Rome.Bernard said perikalera phiscara the new initiative will be added to Google Earth in Giza, Egypt , Greece and the ancient city . Team of experts is busy now uiliyamasabarga building in the state of Virginia.source : internet