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                    Chocolate phone!

Chocolate is not just tongue, manao the wet. I had a chocolate phone. Really is!
It beta e 'and' e-strawberries in same phlebhare hyandasetagulo Japan can be found in the market. The first step will be from 13 entities dakomo the chocolate Leave your phone in the market.
The outer cover consists of hyandasetagulora klyamaselera see melted chocolate is soft. Motif menu to view the interior of the chocolate bar.
I do not even angasajja, with a variety of features that turn heads like. And dabilaubhijie (dathaae) eesabhi (ajhatha) 3-inch screen, 8 mega pixel CCD (IIU) camera, blue - Bluetooth connectivity and system panirodhaka.
For mobile phone in Japan are willing to buy airline tickets.