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          IPhone Sold At A Huge Discount In China

Selling companies in China are selling large quantities of electronic products, and sellers of electronic products. Among these vendors, there are also e-commerce companies like Alibaba and
Reuters reports that Apple's income has decreased in the country due to the decrease in iPhone sales in China. At the same time, Apple's Chinese consumers have been unable to give an affordable price to consumers after the Chinese electronic product vendor companies reduced the price of the iPhone.
According to Reuters, the discount rate for the newly arrived iPhone in the market was noticeable. For example, 64 GB iPhone TAN R, sold at 800 yuan discounts, sold at a price of 1,000 yuan, 64 GB of iPhone 8, 256 GB iPhone TENS Max sold for 1,300 Yuan discount.


The Danger Of 'Forwarding' On Facebook Messenger

Can anyone forward a message from Facebook's messenger to all the friends in the contact list? Cyber experts warn about this. Cyber miscreants got cheating trap around Facebook.
Cyber ​​criminals have begun to launch new types of fraud on Facebook. They told Messenger to the user using the messenger in the perversion of the friend, 'someone has cloned your account. From there we received the new friend request. Quickly fix it. Keep this message informed to all friends while staying alert. 'Cyber ​​experts say this is a new version of old Hose or fake message. Do not trust anyone sending this kind of message on Facebook. The miscreants trying to exploit the anxiety that has spread to the account cloning.
According to a report by, Facebook is spreading new hoax around Facebook, originally copied pasta hoax. Attempting to trap such a fake message is trying to trap the user. If you receive such a message, do not forward friends to your contact list.
Fact Checking Website Snoop's staff said in this regard, many people send this message, fearing cloning accounts of Facebook miscreants.

Mobile Tips

                    Do Not Download 22 Apps

In the era of technology, everyone uses smartphones and this Android smartphone has some apps. Many people do not know or know what apps are used. But there are some apps that are necessary for everyone to use.
And these apps are from the Play Store on the mobile. And we may not know that any unknown app can be harmful for your mobile. Similarly, an all-India news media reported that in the last 2017, more than 6 million apps were deleted. And this year, there are 22 more apps that have been sternly taken against Google.

Mobile Tips

                       Why Mobile Gets Hot

The more our day is, the more we discover through our technology is a new thing. And updating is one thing after all. One more way is to use this technology as a mobile phone. And with this mobile we are in danger too many times. And hear the news of the horror. The phone we use, it gets hot sometimes, without any reason. And fearing to take it away. Because the mobile is hot, it can be caused by a lot of explosions. It may happen that if you are using the phone in a little conscious way, then the remedy It is possible.

1. We use extra apps on mobile for a long time, do damage to the phone. Without the need to leave an app for an advertisement, without the need of good.

2. Dynamic is not good to use in any background, it is more likely to warm up on mobile.

3. Use the dry type of your phone's cover. If the hearing does not warm your phone again.

4. While downloading a lot of time, there may be a virus in the eye pass. That could be the reason.

Computer Tips

                             Laptop Tips

Reduce the brightness of the screen while running the laptop.

Minimize other windows without the need

Clear the battery connector lines occasionally.

Play movie-music from hard disk, because CD / DVD ROM gets much more power.

Keep the air vane open, keep the laptop positioning in the air, and do not keep it straight in the sunlight.

Computer Tips

                Some tips for speeding up the computer

After some time, click Run from Run and type the tree. It increases the RAM performance.
Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + ALT + Delete or right-clicking on the taskbar and then clicking on the Processes. You can see a list of many programs. Select programs that are not currently useful and click End Process and close it. Restart your computer, if it is a problem, and if there is any problem with the operating system.

The computer becomes slow when computers are low. By increasing virtual memory, the computer speed can be increased slightly. To increase the virtual memory, first go to My Computer by clicking on the right button and going to Properties. Now click on Advance and click on Performance Settings. Click on Advance again. Now by clicking on the change, when the new window arrives, enter the initial size and maximum size of your size and click on set and press ok. However, initial size, double the size of your computer's RAM and it is better to give the round size of the radial size at maximum size.


Two employees were suspended after tweeting with the iPhone

Huawei authorities paid the salaries as well as to employees who were dismissed by the announcement of the English New Year by using Apple's iPhone.
Hong Kong's South China Morning Post said in a report in their report.
It is said in the report that on Twitter, the official account of Huawei Technologies, on Twitter, was tweeted on 11 December 31 at 11.31 PM on the New Year's Eve greetings. Under the tweet the tweet is made with the iPhone mobile. Because the tweets that are made through the iPhone are listed under the tweets "Twitter for iPhone".
The matter was immediately deleted by the Huawei authorities. At the same time a new tweet was made.
In the meantime, then tweet about the writing about the iPhone has become vital in the Internet world. Later, the Huawei authorities took the step of punishing two workers.
According to reports from China-based media, two workers were ousted. Besides, 60 thousand rupees were cut from each of them.
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