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                   Female Drug Mafia

In the drug mafia. Keep in mind, not the traffickers, the matriarch. Kidnapped, robbed the house sought ransom, not if the hostage to come out of his body in front of the house was a cake-walk to the 30-year-old Melissa Calderón. But he knew the consequences that would happen? Mexico's most notorious drug mafia is behind the 'crazy' Pedro told his boyfriend. He is not a good man Pedro; however, this does not wash. There are at least 180 murder charges against him. In the end, whether that Pedro had betrayed his beloved to the police. Pedro gave to the police on Saturday searched the hideout of Melissa. Pedro would take charge of the police in exchange for all this is that the composition. Police arrested Melissa. According to police, Melissa quite interesting biography. Drug traffickers call him - "La Chinese saying. Because, like Asians see Melissa. Nothing bad in this business, with 2005 falls. El capo rise Guzman hand. 2008 in the drug mafia. Hot head and a beautiful appearance of the famous (read infamous) in particular have been too late. Social networking sites are profiles of known sites; there was a gun and a weakness for beautiful women to Melissa. Finally, the Mafia is now in police custody beautiful.source : online news site.