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                          You Know ?

There is octopus body three hearts.

Whether the taste did not mean to eat the apples, and then take an 84 percent water and apple.

Plays only the arts to attract more mosquitoes.

Have a cup of coffee in more than 100 chemical substances .

The body of 30 calories an hour chewing gum biting heat loss.

Can be raised cows stairs, but not down.

Shrimp can only swim backwards.

Keep your eyes open for any frogs some cannot swallow.

Water elephants or hippos suffocation under water for 30 minutes could have been.

When the moon is directly overhead on, then the lower your weight.

Dolphin’s one eye sleeps in the open.

That interacts with your hands as the chimps!

You know what, one pound 33 of pure cotton the twist is a mile long!

The sense of smell ant dog More than.

Penguin only Birds that cannot swim, but not fly.

The amount of the It is complete with gold Cover the amount of knee Height.

As the lipstick, making her Most with fish scales .

The butterfly eye is 12 thousand!

When grasshoppers ear to the mall, but are a little problem. Ear knee because grasshoppers!

Fishes cough.

Bee’s eyes are five.

Mosquito teeth 47.

Snail feet breathe taking. Four snail nose.

From the back of the body Turtles can breathe.

The elephant is the only mammal, those who cannot jump. 26) Age, eye color becomes lighter.

On average a human eye 4 million times a year into a twinkling.

The long-living cells of the human brain cells.

Nails on the hands, feet and nails Four times faster than increases.

1/4 of the leg bones of the human body!

Per minute in the United States 6 Person Seventeen fell.

You never open your eyes you cannot sneeze. Faith If not, try it right away you can.


      The wedding customs of different countries

The Russian wedding ceremony, the word most commonly heard is the "bitter". If they cry, "bitter, bitter", then everyone will say better together. The husband and wife will kiss deeper. And, as many of the guests, a loud, bitter, bitter to say, every time the couple will have to respond to the guests with a sweet kiss. At least ten or twelve times, guests are satisfied, and then kissed. The idea of the Soviets, Liquor bitter sweet kiss to his wife!

Greece is a sweet wedding custom of the genre can be called very tasty. There are some sweet candy socks, putting one’s own hands. Because of the exceptional stem, his marriage M made sweeter. The Greeks traditional round dance, round dance at the wedding reception the guests.

Germans are thought to be very quiet, but there is no end to the madness of those marriages. Their marriage was arranged special party. The bride and groom in the center of the party are to have fun. The most interesting fact, the joy of dancing thrown in with the dishes. If you want to see her husband again, as the wife of a friend to pay a bribe. Otherwise, do not allow her to visit friends.

Marriage should always be sacred. And so, as a symbol of the sanctity of traditional British-style lotus flowers in the hands of the bride and the marriage ceremony. The flowers are a symbol of good luck in the eyes of the British. British wedding ceremony is usually held in the afternoon. Assorted fruit is used in the production of their wedding cake. This is left up to the birth of their first child cake.

France is one of the world's most beautiful and loving countries. The main colors are white wedding ceremony in France. Grooming, jewelry, flowers, bride's dress is all white. This implies, is getting married in the eyes of the French symbol of peace and purity.

China's long history. Their vast terrain. So, the Chinese wedding customs and traditions very different in different places. However, the issues are the same. A wedding ceremony in ancient China, a total of 6. The girl in the dowry given to the party, engagement, wedding, banquet, etc. At that time, if a boy liked a girl, he took her hand in marriage matchmaker sent home. The matchmaker between two names, age, family status, etc. Data from both sides were informed. The two sides also agreed to fairly matchmaker girl's home, the boy would have to determine the day of the party. In addition to seeing her daughter into the house of the daughter of the family's financial situation and her character, temperament would have to verify. However, on behalf of the girl's home before the wedding could not. There's also some interesting customs of the wedding day. For example, the day of the wedding the bride dressed in red. However, many a bride wears a Western-style white long skirt. The bride's father is crying at home. In some areas of China, the bride before her husband entering the house fire is to be entered in a manger. This means that the style and the new couple all the evil fire shine like fire.

The matchmaker's proposal to take the girl home, as well as on behalf of her son brought home offer. The matchmaker in our country is the main objective of mutual interest to both boys and girls, will be presented as a handsome and fit. Hobby seen the two categories of professional matchmaker. Professional matchmaking, matchmaker for each of the money and goods that. The parlor of the relatives of matchmaking duties on behalf of the special factors. The marriage customs of the past, there is no clash with China very much. source : online news site.


                  FUNNY TECH WORLD

We are using many different kinds of sunglasses in different colors. Getting to know the subject and the funny thing is that China is the inventor of the glasses, black-colored glasses were created for the first time a Chinese court judge in the trial is not clear expression

We all know the name of the famous software giant, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. Funny thing Bill Gates house was designed using a Macintosh computer.

A component of the computer mouse is very important, especially for the desktop. The most useful device in 1964, Doug Engelbart, who invented the first mouse, was made of wood.

Many of us do themselves a small competition. Being the competition, who can type quickly? Funny thing, a normal working day, the fingers of a typist is approximately 12.6 miles of travel.
'Alaska'- a place in the world, one row of a QWERTY keyboard with letters can be written.
On e-bay for about 680 dollars per transaction is usually.

The world organization HP, Google, Apple and Microsoft have a common. The four tech companies started in the garage. For example, Hewlett Packard 1939 began in a garage in Palo alato HP’s activities began.

YouTube domain name was registered on 14 February 2005.
At present, our entire functional banner ad can be seen via the product or other. This banner ad was first used in 1994.source : online.


                   Female Drug Mafia

In the drug mafia. Keep in mind, not the traffickers, the matriarch. Kidnapped, robbed the house sought ransom, not if the hostage to come out of his body in front of the house was a cake-walk to the 30-year-old Melissa Calderón. But he knew the consequences that would happen? Mexico's most notorious drug mafia is behind the 'crazy' Pedro told his boyfriend. He is not a good man Pedro; however, this does not wash. There are at least 180 murder charges against him. In the end, whether that Pedro had betrayed his beloved to the police. Pedro gave to the police on Saturday searched the hideout of Melissa. Pedro would take charge of the police in exchange for all this is that the composition. Police arrested Melissa. According to police, Melissa quite interesting biography. Drug traffickers call him - "La Chinese saying. Because, like Asians see Melissa. Nothing bad in this business, with 2005 falls. El capo rise Guzman hand. 2008 in the drug mafia. Hot head and a beautiful appearance of the famous (read infamous) in particular have been too late. Social networking sites are profiles of known sites; there was a gun and a weakness for beautiful women to Melissa. Finally, the Mafia is now in police custody beautiful.source : online news site.