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                  Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

Suddenly one might think to look down, the earth has moved to the bottom of the foot. China zhangjiajie National Park to see the bridge made of glass will come to your goggle. Grand Canyon has been created over almost 300 meters deep zhangjiajie length and high glass bridge in the world. On which you can walk through the canyon, surrounded by green trees under clear to see! Is surrounded by a steel beam bridge looked. There is also a strong glass structure; the middle of the case is the case for suspense. Sky thrilling to those walking the walk, it is really a big surprise to them. The zhangjiajie glass bridge has been designed in such a way, rain or snow showers during the day will seem to disappear from a distance. 380 meters long and 6 meters wide are planning to create this incredible bridge architect hyena detainee Israel. Seven Wonders of the World, whose design has been created,.source : online news site .