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                  Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

Suddenly one might think to look down, the earth has moved to the bottom of the foot. China zhangjiajie National Park to see the bridge made of glass will come to your goggle. Grand Canyon has been created over almost 300 meters deep zhangjiajie length and high glass bridge in the world. On which you can walk through the canyon, surrounded by green trees under clear to see! Is surrounded by a steel beam bridge looked. There is also a strong glass structure; the middle of the case is the case for suspense. Sky thrilling to those walking the walk, it is really a big surprise to them. The zhangjiajie glass bridge has been designed in such a way, rain or snow showers during the day will seem to disappear from a distance. 380 meters long and 6 meters wide are planning to create this incredible bridge architect hyena detainee Israel. Seven Wonders of the World, whose design has been created,.source : online news site .


 10 Notorious Terrorist Organizations In The World

Forbes magazine published a report referring to the terrorist organization in the world has been one of the richest ten. The organization published Forbes 10 list

ISIS: the world's richest terrorist organization. The annual income of around $ 3 billion. Spread  large part of Syria and Iraq. The main source of income in many corporate and Sheikh Shahin Supporting surface the oil business, kidnapping, ransom and the occupied Syrian and Iraqi earning bank robbery. NOTE  Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and the Mediterranean, including the Afro-Asian build a united Islamic state.

Hamas: Palestinian Hamas and Israel in less than a decade, as well as in the Western world became terror. Committing $ 1 billion in annual revenue. While the target of Israeli missiles, precision attack kills two Hamas leaders Yassin and ranatisira after the power has largely disappeared. Expansion Jordan, West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the main source of income  taxes on the raising of Palestinian ghetto, financial aid and grant's goal: to build a movement against Israel and Jordan to establish an Islamic state.

FARC (the rebhaliusanari Armed Forces of Colombia): The ultra-left terrorist organization. The organization has spread in Colombia for more than 50 years. Che Guevara, Fidel Castro's Marxism was first inspired guerrilla organization. Is converted to the Maoist terrorist organization. So inevitably fall prey to the Colombian drug mafia. 600 million dollars in annual revenue. Expansion Colombia is the main source of income  drug production and trafficking, human trafficking, kidnapping, gold lift the target to dislodge the Marxist government of the capitalists.

Hezbollah : the Palestinian Hamas, the militant organization that has a political background. The Lebanese militant Iranian Shiite wing supporting surface of this organization. Hezbollah militants are ranked fourth in the list of the names of the richest in the world. The organization's annual revenue of $ 500 million. Spread The main sources of income in Lebanon  financial aid from abroad (especially Iran), drug trafficking and production goals  Lebanon government and the Islamic militant attacks against Israelis.

Taliban : political purpose of the terror organization in Afghanistan to 1996 since 2001, runs the rule. 400 million dollars in annual revenue. Shariah law is now cut aloft the militant group. Yet Pakistan and Afghanistan, both countries are one of the Boil poison. The main source of income: drug trafficking (mainly opium and heroin), corporate sponsorship and donations. NOTE Conservative wing Islamic government in Afghanistan again.

Al-Qaeda :  terrorist organization in the world lit by the infamous name of al-Qaeda. This hard-line attitude has changed towards Islam in the Western world, the Muslim terrorist organizations. The organization's annual revenue of $ 150 million. The main source of income  foreign donations, kidnapping, drug trafficking  NOTE  As announced against Christians and Jews worldwide Jihad. Form a united front against the Islamic as well as secular.

Lashkar-e-Toiba : Pakistan's Conservative wing Islamic militant group Lashkar still in the Indian subcontinent has sustained their dominance and fear. 100 million dollars in annual revenue. The main source of income  foreign financial aid and grants aims to cut off immediately, and the whole valley of Kashmir came under Pakistan's conservative Muslim Shariah law to be introduced.

Al Shabaab : Somalia's biggest militant organization in 2006 births. $ 70 million in annual revenue. The main source of income: the kidnapping, ransom and the withdrawal liability, pirates and grants spread Somalia, Kenya and Uganda goals  Somalia's Conservative wing Islamic state.

Real I.R.A: The (annual revenues of $ 50 million dollars): Real I. The full name of the Real Irish Republican Army. It is the "eye on the organization of the extreme radical break from the branches, who opposed the 1998 tripartite peace. The organization is still the British Imperialism who continues to fight against terrorism. The European Union and the United States announced that the organization as a terrorist organization. The main source of income  the kidnapping, smuggling and the donation of their main source of income. Expansion Northern Ireland, Ireland and the United Kingdom of a united Ireland and Northern Ireland, the Irish state.

Boko Haram (annual revenues of $ 5 million): Boko Haram means Western education is sin. This is too serious a Muslim extremist and terrorist organizations, believe in Western education or ideology cannot be considered a criminal. The main source of income  the realization of kidnapping and ransom to fund the militant organization has been heavy. As well as the protection of the richest people in the bank robbery and leading the militant group to carry out the purposes of raising the bet. Expansion Nigeria, Cameroon goal: secularism against Jihad and Shariah law in Nigeria, the militants' main goal is to turn. source : The Forbes magazine .


            Dog meat smuggling in Thailand

A pick-up truckload three hundred kg to smuggle the dog meat, the Thai police caught the two. AFP reported, local time, on Wednesday the country's north-eastern province of Sacco Nakhon truckloads of dogs from a checkpoint with meat were arrested. At that time, several dozen dead bodies from the plastic Bag 16 dog meat was processed. Instead of essential commodities have been arrested confessed dog meat businesses. Internet-based social media on Facebook, Thailand Animal charities and businesses against the soi dogs Dog Foundation, said the dogs were in the truck industry is known for taking over the Rays. At that time, there was hundreds of rescue dog meat.source: online news site.


                Dog-Cat citizenship

Although it is true, I like to surprise people, cats, dogs were given equal citizenship in a town in Spain. Spain's population is only 300 people in the city trigerosa del via. The city administration has created a unique record. As the world's first city to ensure the right of the dogs and cats. However, the administration at the meeting unanimously cats and dogs' non-human residents, "argues that their rights are guaranteed. The Chief Pedro J. Peres said esapinosa, is planning session on Monday to fix this issue. Dogs and cats are living with us for thousands of years. The law has been in effect that their rights must be protected, he said.source: online new site.