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                         Space Elevator

Do people ever have thought to go to the outer space elevator? If you want to know the answer - not. Because the government does not allow any space to build a building. This reality cannot be made at the height of buildings to the scientists. A Canadian company has recently proposed to build an elevator to space. The proposal is to reduce the cost of space coming to Canada-based thota technology. The elevator would be made to create a ring with the kadhalar cells. Hydrogen or helium will be entered into. Heavy objects can be dragged to the top of the helium. Thus, it will be pulled up to 20 km away. Earth's atmosphere and into space, which can penetrate. Carbon nano tubes to the cables. So far no one has seen her in such. He has now put them on the 1.5 kilometers to go up high. For this reason, it has been dropped her. The space elevator will be fitted with gyroscopes, which can break down all the time, whether it will be monitored. The wind turbines will be utilized for the production of electricity. Also at 20 km the altitude will be a platform. The platform will be sent to various objects in space. This project is going to give it form Quiney brenadena technicians. The figure comes from the head.Quiney, a professor at the University of Toronto brenadena. source: online news site.