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Luxembourg Prime Minister gave same-sex partner in the house

Media came to announce his marriage in August last year. He clearly told her homosexual partner Companion wondered if he was at home. In the end, it did. He has a house on same-sex partner. The Luxembourg Prime Minister Javier Betele. The leader of any country in Europe, as well as the first and second as well as the status of a world leader, as a person he married same-sex partner The BBC said in a report. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg Heritage Town, the capital of the same-sex partner of the world in alliance with Destiny Gathiye betele teamed. At the time of their relatives, friends and guests of state were present. Gathiye the architect’s profession. 2014 Luxembourg legalize gay marriage law was passed in June. The first couple to be married to this Act and Gathiye betel. Iceland's prime minister in 2010 by Johanna (woman) is married to her lesbian woman companion. Luxembourg was the first gay prime minister to form a government in 2013. Source: The BBC online.