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take a child and government give you plot and expensive gifts

Be happy to know that the child is now complete after the match for free with expensive gifts including a huge plot! But it is not our country. Finland is decreasing day by day the number of people in small towns. Many of the new strategy are to increase the population of the city. The new residents of the city being one of the greatest plot areas. Couples give birth to a new city is being given the bonus. Finland's national radio stations are news. In Finland in recent years from a small town to the big city is gone. This trend is increasing day by day. Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authority says, more than two thirds of the nominal price of a small municipality or city is trying to attract people to the plot. Many cities have been declared bonus to encourage couples to take the child. The bonus amount is different depending on the city. A town in Western Finland, Lesatijarbhi this "baby bonus" of about ten thousand Euros. Despite the city's population of just 815 people, but the bonus amount. association of Finnish Local and Regional Authority says, is difficult to say whether these tactics are no results. But a city utajarabhi accept, they tried to raise the city's population could. Over the last ten years they have been offered plots of Euros, but very few have been interested in men. Utajarabhi population is still below the three thousand.source : online news site.