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Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al macadamia A habit

To feel him 'king hobby! Only in London, the 114 cars. Due to lack of space in the city of London to create a 6-stores car park build-in dispose of. Does not end here, plenty of car parking building house remains. In terms of luxury to any room all deals Star Hotel will triumph. Create rooms for the drivers. Sakhe British capital now enjoys exercising the royal ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al makatauma
Dubai, the name of the song before it popped, luxury-divinity. Arabian Nights. Such ruler of Dubai! Yes, Sheikh Mohammed of wealth is not the Truth. Sheikh Mohammed already shocked the world of luxury living. Once again, all the treasures of the world's leading luxury cars stunned Mammon eyes are about to give up on his forehead ruler of Dubai.
Leads to the construction of high-rise on the River Thames in London, Sheikh Mohammed. At first they thought, it is required to create a star hotel. And you know, actually there are Sheikh Mohammed 114 vehicles and their drivers are. Drivers will have Self Family Building luxury car parking. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Almarketing speech, he would come to visit when in London, after coming down from the helicopter to choose one of the expensive cars.
6-stores building 'is new luxury car park is quite interesting.Menadipa London Road Car parking area is Sheikh Mohammed to keep the vehicle. Report a resident of London, the parking area is Sheikh Mohammed vehicles due to their parking spaces. The route that has been owned by the ruler of Dubai. Locals complained 6-stores, luxury car parking building of the truth for yourself and decide what Sheikh Mohammed. source : online news site.