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             Some stunning facts about girls

Girls on average about 20000 words used to talk about. Where guys using on average only 7000 words.

Every 90 seconds, a woman died because of abortion and childbirth

A girl in their entire lives only about a year’s time was spent thinking what clothes to wear.

Girls 30 to 64 times per year, weeping and crying, and there be 17 to 06 guys.

 Girls laid three times a day, six times a lie guys.

Heartbeat men more than women. More women than men at the same time the amount of heartbeat and fast. No scientific explanation is not known yet.

Russia is not about the number of women more than men.

Women who have problems with the heart and chest pain, the sadness, there are problems with indigestion and shoulder pain

Compared to boys, girls are more adept tastes test anything.
Tall women are more at risk of cancer.

Heart disease is the main cause of death for women. So if a woman does not ever say that his hearts, then you do not believe.

All women are beautiful. There's just no shortage of confidence. So to increase your confidence. Only two percent of the women in the world and were considered beautiful.
One of the girls is almost 19 times their twinkling flaps minute. Where the guys are just 11 times. You can test yourself.

Plenty of girls dream. When I asked a woman to dream of her many stories tell, but if you ask a man to dream that he cannot say tomorrow night. Source: Times of India.


   The world first only women luxury cruise ship

The only women in the world of luxury marine vessels. Each design has been designed thinking of Miss Lidia Bersani thoughts. The ship named "La belle kept" which means "beauty".
Attractive for women inside the crystal, gold, diamonds and pet animal, such as cats, rabbits, dogs, etc. were kept. It is completely made of white and gold colors. It is 262 feet in length. 1 large-sized double bed in the master cabin there. It was not made for people with a weak heart. By the inner the furniture, gold mosaic, pearls and stones of different colors designed by the edge of the soft and beautiful lines and waves The. A ship designed so that it has been more than white tie. It has been used a lot of glass and crystal. Maintaining the entire ship made Lidia Bersani romantic and warm. Complete design of the inner white, golden and gray colors was used. The inner richness of the furniture has been made and comfortable. 6 is arranged in the ship's cabin. 1, where guests may have. Moreover, in case you ever hit boring, dining, living room can stay at. Moreover, and the provision of music there. The spa has been created inside the ship 1. Moreover, for spending time here, pool, salon, disco clubs, cinemas, etc., have been taken. Luxury designer Miss Lidia Bersani According to Luxury and Modern in ship design has been completed. The ship is beyond the bath guarantee. If somebody wants to see details of Sun bathing and marine. The ship has a helicopter above the 1 golden letters. It seems natural to see. All the tools to create a new model of its content. To create everything new. You will enjoy every moment. If you've seen the dream of saving the ship's value and will give you a lot. But unfortunately could not tell Miss Lidia Bersani still worth it. However, he has made in advance, of course, it will not be cheap. Source: Daily Mail


                        Giant Gold Cars

In 1988 Lincoln town car stretch limousine first lasted. In fact, it was built on the original gold-plated, the gold plate on a car. This was the first gold plated case. Coins each part of the car was covered with gold. These cars are made of Brick Bar kit why Niagara Falls. When we say that the car will be covered should understand that there is not a single inch of the car body is covered up. This means that every inch of the car was covered with gold coins or plates finally, after the creation of the car clean and shiny coins gives with sealed, so I also cannot understand the status. Ripple's Museum in Mexico as part of the collection of the vehicle. At this time the car has become a priceless value. Ripley Museum Authority, said: "We just brought the car from Panama City Beach Auditorium to save them and the general public has access to the beauty of the car, and to give an idea about the weight and value. Source  : online news site.


        Bio-metrics Sign In For Windows-10

Microsoft's new operating system, Windows does not need a password to login to -10. Added to Bio Metrics sign technology. Has been named Windows hello. Windows users to log in at -10 face, eyelids, and fingerprint scans. Windows will prevent unauthorized access to one of the others. That being said, Bio Metrics sign 'App' is the most secure technology. Windows will store biometric data on -10. -10 Containing the Windows computer and information will not be hacked. Hello new PC, Windows will work. Windows 10 chip manufacturer Intel has been used in the real sense of the new F-200 sensors in Windows.source : online news site.


     Ancient tomb Star gold-diamond-jewelry

China several thousand years old and there are a few boxes of stuff from the tomb of gold seal, diamonds, jewelry, bronze. Each of the approximately 221 years before the birth of Christ has been identified as a tomb. Central China's Henna province events. Jiang Chang, a large area near the town of jhaukau several years running archaeologist excavated. Recent excavations in the area without having to drive is available in metallic noise. After quite a bit to match the ancient tombs dug. In all, 21 tombs have been recovered. Stir in the fall, when it is to be recovered from the tomb of the precious bejeweled box. Have been found in the box crammed property. Pounds of gold, diamonds, precious stones, jewelry-including materials. According to the Chinese official news channel jinuya, a few thousand years ago in China and Warring Hun Empire State Period (475 BC-221) between the time of the funeral, gold, jewelry, diamonds, copper pitcher matched addition, the sword and so on. According to archaeologists, the robbers tried to open several graves. But it did not. Tomb of research has begun. Sources: India Times


             Cows, camels, goats exchange Wife

Groom party girl was alive. But the news of the father was caught fleeing the house. This is a great deal of which the wife! 20., goats, camels and 10 cows for 3-in-law is available here. The girl's father is the greatest party in the negotiations. In many cases, the daughter of the groom gives to their tribal jewelry. Thus, the daughter of a son of Kenya's tribal areas handed parents, what they have to get married. The Daily Mail reports, especially in the tribal areas of Kenya pakata the parents of a boy handed over his beloved daughter in exchange for cattle. A month before the wedding, the bride is kept isolated in a deserted place.
The parents of the groom with the bargaining parties. That will give more animals and jewelry, her father gave her hand. Organized at the wedding of the daughter of a sudden. Many people do not know, the car is handed over to parents.
Girls who can escape from the house heard about the marriage, fearing that often keeps them hidden from the family. By convention, the last day and night of the sacrifice of the men and cattle. Source : The Daily Mail


              Green grass design in Cell Phones

Many users complain about the shape of smartphones. They suffer the same manner as is often bored. Cell manufacturing companies, however, are trying to change the design. Seeks to prevent the wheels of rules satisfying users. However, it is still yet to win the minds of the consumer companies. The green grass is coming to surprise everyone cell phone. BBC News.
European mobile operators in otu subsidiary otu recycling have created a special kind of phone. RC of the casing is designed to be suitable for recycling. And the specially processed with a small piece of green grass. Claims, this is the world's first cell phone, which is entirely made of natural materials and reusable.
The phone has been designed by Sean Miles. According to him, could be an alternative to plastic casing to create new technology. "It's basically a composite material such as carbon fiber. We've used the RC and grass. Miles said.
As part of a project originally otu special cell has been created. Its goal is to make them attracted to recycling. But creating a new phone after the remarkable success of the feasibility study is now being widely used in the technology. source : online news site .


28 time world champion pulled out of the 'ugly' woman's Death

28 times have drawn lifetime became champion. What wonders So many times he was champion. The best contribution to the game or not, he was a champion of the world, only the title of the most ugly women. So 28 times! Yes, the story is true. But he is no longer with us today. Annie Wood, a woman who died at the age of 68. Once, twice the world's most ugly women have won a total of 28 times. World gunning Competition 'or the ugly contest to win the title, he had become a habit. What is left to be surprised when the Random People avoid ugly word, nice to have agreed to all of the rest of his life, he sang joy ugly walk the opposite way. In 1977, the first time he took part in the competition to win the title. Ugly women were very popular. Its use would win the hearts of the people. source : online news site.


Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al macadamia A habit

To feel him 'king hobby! Only in London, the 114 cars. Due to lack of space in the city of London to create a 6-stores car park build-in dispose of. Does not end here, plenty of car parking building house remains. In terms of luxury to any room all deals Star Hotel will triumph. Create rooms for the drivers. Sakhe British capital now enjoys exercising the royal ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al makatauma
Dubai, the name of the song before it popped, luxury-divinity. Arabian Nights. Such ruler of Dubai! Yes, Sheikh Mohammed of wealth is not the Truth. Sheikh Mohammed already shocked the world of luxury living. Once again, all the treasures of the world's leading luxury cars stunned Mammon eyes are about to give up on his forehead ruler of Dubai.
Leads to the construction of high-rise on the River Thames in London, Sheikh Mohammed. At first they thought, it is required to create a star hotel. And you know, actually there are Sheikh Mohammed 114 vehicles and their drivers are. Drivers will have Self Family Building luxury car parking. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Almarketing speech, he would come to visit when in London, after coming down from the helicopter to choose one of the expensive cars.
6-stores building 'is new luxury car park is quite interesting.Menadipa London Road Car parking area is Sheikh Mohammed to keep the vehicle. Report a resident of London, the parking area is Sheikh Mohammed vehicles due to their parking spaces. The route that has been owned by the ruler of Dubai. Locals complained 6-stores, luxury car parking building of the truth for yourself and decide what Sheikh Mohammed. source : online news site.


                     Did You Know 

1.  American Mrs. Lauren 37 year’s 58 days lived in an iron lung.

2.  Wheeler Park, California, has a pine tree 5000 years old.

3. Instead of interfacing the Japanese people would cover their whole body tattoo art.

4. The eggs are produced in the United States by a net across the world can be made.

5. Testing has shown moon rocks of the 4720-year-old.

6. Brain does not feel any pain; no pain does not even cut it.

7. Women than men with the rapid pace of the heart is beating.

8. Norway, from May to July, the sun never sets.

9.  5 billion years the sun as they age. It will remain more than 5 billion years.

10. The first American President George Washington was bound to use teeth.

11. Our eye muscles to move at least 100000 times.

12. There is a tunnel under the River Thames in England. source : online news site .