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            world famous secret places

                                                  White’s Gentlemen Club
It's basically a club like Club 33 Disney land. It is widely regarded as the world's most elite clubs. The elite club in London, only the human footprint. However, the history of the club speaks differently. It creates a new kind of a guy named Francis Adriena chocolates for sale, but it is now one of the world's best clubs. It was almost an honor to be a member of this club. Let the money, but not just anyone can become a member you, a thousand burnt woods, straw, you must be a member of this club.
                                                        Area 51
This place is located in Nevada in the United States; people around the world are still in touch. It is a military base and the world's most "secure" neighborhoods. Covers a large area outside its own area complete ban on the common man. What is there? Alone in the world there is a huge part of human ideas are studied. Many people believe that the alien has been in contact with.
                                                 RAF Men-with Hill
This is also the name of one of the wonders of the world's intelligence agencies Mada Hill. It is located in Yorkshire in the United States. It is a military base Helaina connect with the global spy network. America and England, it is made to provide intelligence support. Here is the world's largest electronic monitoring station. The whole area around the security of ordinary people are too complex to go into the whole area is truly impossible level. If you ever see someone dear to the thrills of the mere pipe dream to imagine.
                                                   Grand Shrine,Japan
Japan's best-kept secret, sacred and important place. It was built in BC 4 is expected. Japan's royal family, and to this day, no one could enter here without Priest. This Shrine 20 years after the collapse of the building again. Why all the secrecy? According to historians, many old-time Japanese Empire valuable documents have been hidden there, in front of which the world has never before. I know that, but it's wise to protect the privacy of the Japanese religious!
                                                 Vatican Secret Archives
For c era Vatican gave fodder to the mystery, since before the time of Jesus, the most important witnesses to the history of the Vatican. This place is called the storehouse of secret. Very few Scholars can enter this place, it's almost 84000 Subject Here special permission of the Pope, and this place is the book about 84 km long. Christian ideas, Canaries, pagan religion and philosophy and many more secret documents are stored here.
                                                   club 33 Disneyland
Disney land is an entertaining place for the people of the world. Open to the general public is the only club in the place than 33. The place is kept very restricted. Walt Disney himself was the club's founder very oddly enough, if you are applying today to be a member of this club in your take say almost 14 years, which is extraordinary, this club? source : online news site.