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                 Young Girl Married Dogs 

A 18-year-old girl in a remote village in Jhar-khand, Munda Mangali is married with a dog. The public was clamoring for news reporting. Activists were up in arms against the intense part of the event. According to the villagers, this initiative is to save them from the goblin village. Local sources of news, the village elders said seeing Mangali Munda hands, when a man and his wife will bring the destruction of the Munda families and communities. Those with whom you have been married Mangali Dog Names 'seru'. Did not Mangali school. After marriage to his speech, I'm not at all happy with the marriage. But the people of the village came to my fate is to marry me. After the wedding, I want to marry a man with whom I can spend a long time. Mangali said, I did not want to get married. But the villagers have recovered quickly saying this marriage. Because, they want to move as quickly as the shadow of misfortune to the village.
Local sources of news, the marriage cannot marry again after the Mongol. Will not be a problem. One man cannot marry divorced  Mangali dog. Such incident occurred in the village before. The number of marriages was summoned more than 70. The Simadebi Mangali mother said, what happens if dog, saw his daughter's marriage did not hold any gaps.source:online news site.