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                       Birth Control Chip

The computer chip contraception. Such claims seem unbelievable, but a group of scientists at the University of Massachusetts. They have discovered that computer chips will continue the Womb restraining through remote. The project has been assisted by Bill Gates one of the richest in the world. For those who are interested in family planning, said it will come in quite handy professor at the University of Massachusetts. Robert Farrow.
According to the new findings in the experimental chip has been placed under a woman's skin.
Now his body is being emitted from the small amounts of hormone lebhonarajestrela. Thus, over 16 years of hormone release day happens to her body. The remote session can be closed by means of the emission Any again. According to scientists, the 20 mm By the 20 mm By 7 mm One decimal five centimeters in volume moved to another machine has small volume, where lebhonarajestrela hormone is stored. The electrical flow is small and ultra thin coating may melt hormone. After 30 Micrograms hormone will spread.  If everything in the commercial market is likely to chip in 2018. Source : online news .