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                    Spy Vulture

Saudi Arabia has been arrested on charges of espionage Israel intelligence agencies, members of a vulture. 'Spy' This REFUND with a Global Positioning System (GPS) transmitter was attached. And that 'and -65' identification number to the University of Tel Av-iv. But Israel has claimed, in order to determine the behavior of migratory birds Vulture was fitted with a transmitter. Israel said Wednesday ma rib daily newspaper, last week in a remote region of Saudi flying seen vultures. According to local residents, with vulture Israeli 'plan' may be added. Moving to sit intelligence officials. They were arrested as part of carefully tom. The Israeli authorities claim, the behavior is very common in birds. Migrant birds conduct research to determine the long-term as part of the birds are across the transmitter, in order to get information about its position. Source: The Telegraph.