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              Insomnia Damage Brain Cell

Sleep loss had been raised earlier about the damage, the reality is even more dangerous. Sleep damage brain cells can be damaged permanently, some researchers have claimed. According to the BBC report, published in the Journal of the Nero Sciences This article has Research on the. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine study, conducted on rats by a group of researchers. Their claim 25 percent of long-term Insomnia brain cells die. If the results of research conducted on rats is true in humans, then it could be because of the danger. Without having to fill the gap in the sleeping brain cells cannot be maintained for the researchers expected. However, the researcher's expectations, protect the brain from the harmful effects of sleep loss can be made to any one drug.
sources : BBC online .


                     Journey to Mars 2025

Mars in sending people to Mars is a nonprofit organization, has organized one in Holland. This work is moving forward swiftly Journey to Mars. CNN said in a report. One official told the recent Mars, Mars settle Lockheed Martin, Surrey Satellite Technology has started working in different institutions. If everything in the 2018 Robotic People without going to Mars will begin the process of sending. Since four out of 2025 applicants will begin to settle down there. One of the project's chief executive has a diameter of Mars Analysand-drop 10 December, in the year since it was published in April plans to send people to Mars found numerous human responses. Two million people have expressed the wish to settle Mars. The application process has already been done to mars. Two million suited astronaut applicants to choose from in the second phase will start soon, one of Mars.2023 people on the planet, but also the two-year delay in sending the plan to send the requesting organization. Mars before sending out all kinds of people - Mars one showed interest in seeing to. For the well-being of the residents living in the house at the Martin lakeside and Surrey Satellite Technology will research communication technologies. During the month of April this year mars 2023 3 people planning on sending and had to settle on Mars 'One'. Applications from people who want to settle mars the company was notified. Anyone over the age of 18 had the opportunity to apply to Mars. Conditions were firm ultimately selected four individuals will be arriving just mars will supply the necessary materials for their livelihood. The next time Mars explorers themselves to try to cope with the environment to survive there. Other people do not want to go to the Mayan world, one can easily overcome. But if the destination is Mars or elsewhere, he seems Calculation the other. Therefore, many people are encouraged to go, maybe mars. The 31 August was the last day of registration of persons interested in the mysterious The red planet. Nearly two million people in 140 countries in the world are applying for. The number of applicants from the top spot in the United States, China, Brazil and India.
sources : cnn online news


           Little Father And Mother world record

Singing in the developed world has reached a state of unbridled sex Weir it demonstrates once again came to the fore in the eyes of the UK, 12-year-old girl gave birth to a baby. The child's father's age is just 13. The youngest doll-like children at play with dolls investing father - the mother of two teenage Weir record - teens. At just 11 years old conception of the primary school has been  boundaries. The girl's house, her boyfriend near the house in north London Teenager. Those Teenager nearest one source said, they are both together in accordance with their newborn girl child to grow up in their planning. source online news site


                    Spy Vulture

Saudi Arabia has been arrested on charges of espionage Israel intelligence agencies, members of a vulture. 'Spy' This REFUND with a Global Positioning System (GPS) transmitter was attached. And that 'and -65' identification number to the University of Tel Av-iv. But Israel has claimed, in order to determine the behavior of migratory birds Vulture was fitted with a transmitter. Israel said Wednesday ma rib daily newspaper, last week in a remote region of Saudi flying seen vultures. According to local residents, with vulture Israeli 'plan' may be added. Moving to sit intelligence officials. They were arrested as part of carefully tom. The Israeli authorities claim, the behavior is very common in birds. Migrant birds conduct research to determine the long-term as part of the birds are across the transmitter, in order to get information about its position. Source: The Telegraph.


              Hollywood stars died time

The Hollywood stars Survey is running. The new dimension is added to the storm. Hollywood stars who died recently How many times screen, a survey was taken of it. The survey is the first in the list of top 10 stars Robert DE Nero. He died the most times on the screen. 'Cape Fear', 'Jackie Brown', 'hits' She died, including 15 films. 11 killed in second position, and Bruce Willis. Johnny Depp third dies 10 times. Respectively are more Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington, Christian Bell and George Clooney.


                     Women Want Rich Husband

What women want, answer a scientific question, to speak of, no ideological Positive reply did not until today. Not merely a liability issue if someone does not go to edit. But suddenly, suddenly came into the discussion. The question has come up in the Reply with another round.  What's at the heart of the woman who Reply with response time, women want rich husbands. Declined along with the answers as  crime, evil and degrading women face came into consideration gender - aware individuals.However, it became known that the scientific test, women who is really wealthy Men vowed. London School of Economics researcher Dr. Catherine Khaki released Tuesday Research report that, in spite of the presence of women economically dependent on men _ an idea that would actually Of fiction. Most of the women are expected to get a rich husband. Even in 1940 - a trend in modern women's much more going on than a decade. Women who have a job to earn more than they want a man to marry them. Catherine said, Over four decades, women in the workplace - male gender equality and women's equality movement, even in the economically dependent on men 'trend' of it remained.
Dr. Catherine said his report for decades, gender - equality of women in the social movement for political reasons ashamed to admit it. But it is true that women are now more interested in going to a housewife rather than be a successful employee. Dr. Catherine Khaki has more, can be seen in a variety of positions dominated by big men. That's because most women do not want a long career. Many politicians and equal access of women and women in the workplace through - what do you think will be the equality of men in number. In fact, wrong. UK Center for Policy Studies, at 52-page report said. According to Catherine, in - in the framework of the United Kingdom and Spain more than in the previous experiments and Including Census survey data in different ways - through the study of data collection is completed. Have seen, yet a large part of women married alternative or complementary views of his career. Most of the educated and the rich men, married women are more interested than ever. Trends in Europe, the United States, can be of Across Australia.
Source: The Telegraph Online

Computer news

                      Hotmail lost e-mail

Hotmail users' e - mail to Hotmail users complained that suddenly lost. Hotmail users, according to their Hotmail accounts at the beginning of the new year e - mail of a sudden they have been removed. This is important as many e-mail lost due to reading problems in their daily activities. Microsoft has acknowledged this problem and have expressed dismay unintended.
 Source: BBC


           British Parson Says Average Three Lies 

Normal lie (a lie that is not harmful to others) by saying that if life is a lot easier and Normal, the wrong one? British _ confusion folks. In a survey conducted recently on the data. It was found that, on average, every three people told lies to Britain. Survey, where are, what, and how many hours worked, or not worked, what kind of house _ rose to the severe beating that British adults do not feel wrong. According to a report in the Daily expressed.
Phan surveyed Twenty Century Home Entertainment. Three thousand women took part - male. One of them - more than a third of people said they were the work of a heavy mass of busy colleagues, friends, partners. They took refuge lies in daily life to prevent complications of the research. Showed 20 percent of their salary - About allowances are not telling the truth to others. Bogus that making money in the stock market hit the back of business people at 20 percent. Always leave the arena - to trim the false pretext of illness every 10 people filed for. One of the 10 people admitted, they took the opportunity to say a relative had died _ making. The funny thing is, when speaking about the most praise with previous partner said that it was not a close relationship. Women are more than one step ahead of them. They mostly denied closeness. Taken part in the survey quarter is acknowledged, they gave false information on job application experience. The present work has the qualifications to be exaggerated, but one of the 10. One - fifth acknowledged, the social network websites like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly written their own status. Giving false information to acknowledge the quarter guy. The spokesman said, "The two - thirds of people think they are false speech is not very efficient. But they're going to continue to lie even if the life is a little easier. "He said, 'It's worrisome that the majority of people more than others, lies with the people they love.
Source: The Daily Mail online.


                              Music Greatness

Any kind of music or songs conditions can alter the human mind. After listening to romantic music aficionado became especially women. Even a person unfamiliar with romantic tunes Dating  they are willing to go. According to a recent study. French psychologist Nicolas Run guyegumeya study looked at 183 women students. Between 20 to 18 years of age. Are informed, each of them with the partner will take part in a market survey. Individual student in a separate room, the researcher said, " Your partner is going to come a little late, you wait betray cells Abuse. ' One of those cells already in the 20 -year-old man to sit. All the cell, any romantic songs, modern songs, any pop song, any music again. No one excuse after minutes of showing off pancake researchers go out of the room. The men remain in the room with the woman's destiny to his proposed education. The proposal, however, women were taught the rules of the men, the researchers said. Studies of women who have heard of romantic songs, they have agreed to 52 percent of the men and gave them the phone number. And they heard the other songs, the man who gave the phone to 28 percent. The research report has been published in the Journal Psychology of Music. Heriyata Watt University psychologist Professor Adrian North, however, says, 'men would run such a study, then maybe one of the purse Dating sentences would have been willing to go.'
Source: Daily Mail online.


             Smoking Monk Sentenced To Prison

'Smoke poisoned" but the poison that addiction is a failure. Make sure to obtain health despite loss - infants ages addicted to the intoxication of this smoking? But social awareness, commitment smoker can stop smoking. The proper implementation of the law and may be effective in the role. Any person fright learns about the monks who smoke maybe, but not for the Mahabharata will become common. At all religion - is one of the restrictions. But the realities of the world left to abandon the addiction surrenders himself to God or God's company had profited. To many it is a little awkward to obey the rate of drug teacup cigarette. However, such an incident happened in reality. One of the monks has been caught smoking offending. Recently, one of Bhutan Buddhist community Novice monk (Monk) Anti-smoking laws violating the country's location Having to go to jail for a year. Police said the monk, not to mention the name of Bhutanese smokers at age 24 years. 72 found a pack of cigarettes from him.
A spokesman said that the minds of Bhutan, Bhutan smoke-free nation on earth. In such case, the people are really concerned. 2005 in the past this was a complete ban on cigarette company. But the India - Bhutan border is coming to our country for some cigarettes. Responsible for misuse of the tourist.
Bhutan kuensel newspaper said, the monks have been arrested on the 24 -year-old man, who was smoking.
source : Bhutan kuensel newspaper.


   Diyalo Portraits Five Years Remaining In Britain

Portrait Oil painting released a servant that was sold to Qatar, it will be five years in Britain. The estimate is to be freed from bondage to any man the first British artist to paint the image. Sulieman eyeball dealer name Where British artist William drew the picture of a hard worker.
As a man and draw the same image with the African and Muslim artists to show respect. At the beginning of the eighteenth century aristocratic Muslim family, born in West Africa and sold as slaves took Diyalo against his clan. The British missionary and lawyer Thomas bleat educated and fluent in several languages diyalo Africa freed from his owner took Britain. He later became Britain, celebrities. One in a million 30 thousand 2009 pounds via auction image acquired Diyalo Qatar Museum Authority (Q MA). But considering the historical value of the film last year by the British authorities imposed a ban on export. Britain's National Portrait Gallery for placing images (N PG) started to collect funds. Qatar has offered to pay back the money they have. But for five years instead of the image are agreeing to lend q ma  Britain. Britain has the opportunity to keep going as a result of the image. In addition to Britain in 2013 different locations in the Qatari capital Doha will turn the image.
Source: BBC, The Guardian.