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                      Coming soon Robot Army

Research is underway to change the type of customer in the future. Perhaps with all the weapons of a devastating battle with the enemy soldiers will fight robots. Within just a few decades, human army needed infantry and military experts say will expire. Meanwhile, down on the field has been experimentally Of robots States. Size - figure they do not like the man, but the precise targets to overcome the enemy has demonstrated the efficiency of this instrument - combatants. They're good at doing battle robot soldier _ were taken for testing in the framework of the City of Fort Benin forged. No one was left in complete darkness of the night the enemy sniper hiding on the roof of the building. There are sent to the robot army to defeat the Sniper finds. See RC Robot like a little tank. Able to move silently, each robot with machine guns and grenade launchers 15 inch height Fulfill Forearm use. Video cameras can automatically send the three of robotic eyes safely away from the person holding the position. The darkness of night secretly entered the city finds that the three robots malfunction the enemy team Sniper once. Gives the dummy enemy machine-guns, shot full of holes. Military experts say, the future will change the appearance of the robot army. They like to walk a lot of people. However, the robot redoubtable forces are infinitely better than human soldiers. Robot soldiers involved with skills development project w former Vice Admiral Joseph Dyer said, "The nice thing is, the moment the soldiers fired into the robot is able to defeat the enemy. Their eyes sit far as the video camera to the location of the enemy that can monitor the allies. This will drastically reduce the risk of battle. '
Opponents said the use of robots in war, it's the fear of the loss of innocent ordinary people can rise infinitely. Source: New York Times online.