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                      Snake eating Crocodile

Tolerance varies with the nature of the event, Sunday People Australia has very surprised. Do not believe someone may have seen this phenomenon. A woman holds her camera snake eating an unbroken view of a crocodile. Australia does not compare to biodiversity. Endangered animals of this continent are lost yet. So Nature is still a surprise for many people in Australia! Over the last Sunday in Australia's Lake v a Crocodile suddenly a serpent round. Witnesses saw with surprise, almost a meter big cross has a serpent swallowing slowly. Cross tough and no one believed it to be the body of a snake cannot stomach. Tiffany Carlisle attended the scene. She has incredible views of the store's cameras. The north - east of 19 km far from the city of Mount Isa is famous for a Lake Moondarra Picnic. Every year, many people go there to picnic. Mount, Jesus residents and several people were seen Karl’s Tiffany feed the crocodile, snake! Several papers have been published in Australia, the snake, the crocodile eating news. In describing the incident Tiffany Carlisle Brisbane Times said, '' is unbelievable! We thought maybe Crocodile few bites cobra, with the leave do not eat. But the serpent ate cross! The serpent looks like Cyrus abdominal spines spines leg, legs will see this. "Pick your own pictures displaying the Tiffany words. Thus, the evidence in hand, do not believe there is opportunity!
Sources: Reuters, BBC news, online.


                 Yoga exercises side effects

Three-thousand-year-old yoga exercises have been published repeatedly speaks of quality. But maybe it's the fact that someone may have side effects that do not come Head. Researchers have recently had an article published in the scientific journal, the use of all types of unplanned Sick conventional yoga spine, bone joints and shoulders hurt. Studies conducted jointly by scientists of the United States and Germany, North America, 6 percent of patients due to their enthusiasm and interest in yoga exercises body Innovation decimal 1 patient advice. Lotus positions in the region, the sun and the breath of pranayama several popular butane. But found the perfect treatment for the disease because of the various types and patients suffered side effects.
Review of 76 patients seen by a number of scientists, who were advised to exercise, added to each, and 9 of them had filled only 15 patients were partially healed. The 7 patients muscle and spine problems, neurological problems, and 9 in 14 people suffer from eye problems. One patient died. Others said, adding exercise any Benefit misses him.
According to doctors, patients and physicians are advised to exercise supervision in accordance with the exercise Yoga guru. The yoga guru does not understand the needs of the patient imposes additional exercises, which are extremely harmful for the body.
Source: Times of India.

Funy news

                     Vastly Cute Throat Rope

Are notorious, 'too damn clever.' That is, if the level of hazard Occur something. California desert hot springs too, so are a dog enthusiast eliminates the hazard. After eight months of age, the German shepherd, many efforts has been recovered from the humiliation the government veterinary officials. Dog's Name 'rebel. Until recently, she was the day to roam the garden. Suddenly his eyes while walking in the garden walls up against the wall in a loop. Enthusiast, he placed the head with holes. Drug addiction is no longer available! The loop is to insert in the head and did not find any way to rebel. After several hours of trying to give up, he began to cry sad undertone. Thank goodness, the tears, the boss listened Rebel. Send the news at the official Animal Services quickly. Animal officials responded quickly. After about half an hour of trying to free the Rebel.
Government Veterinary Officer James Hoffman said River Side 'I had a dog for long sprawl. Settling quite difficult to get rid of me, but not quite cooperate. After quite some time, ended his misfortunes. Rebel released from grinding.
Source: The Daily Telegraph.


                           Mirror Phobia

The woman's husband or friends happy, light - Slim shape and feel confident, go changed the women stood in front of the mirror. The reason is actually the weight of the mirror. Whatever the weight, women folks corpulent themselves in front of the mirror. According to a recent study. Found in Healthy 17 women, only one will actually believe yourself to be slim.
Two of 200 women - was the conclusion of researchers surveyed over men. What happens in front of the mirror is called the 12 two adjectives to describe the participants in the survey. Obese themselves, not Healthy think - and verify the survey. World slimed companies surveyed in the UK diet.
Looking in the mirror, according to the height of the weight of just 13 percent of women want to know exactly what to do to be happy in their replies. Six percent of the folks that own slime. Despite the weight of obese women, 17 percent Standard quality folks. Many of them stood in front of the mirror and think, they are more balanced than ever here. Survey participants, obese men rarely think of themselves as women. Only six percent think obese themselves. Men are responsible for their balanced Alcohol. Chocolate and women who are responsible. WORLD slimming Cyril Richards, managing director, said studies, women's confidence in the tried and weight. The men are much more realistic about their body, weight, whatever. To think about making women look in the mirror because the psychologist said. Sandra hurtles the women in the magazine, model and celebrity judges themselves.
Source: The Telegraph (UK) online.


          Brains, Less after Intelligence less

Cars more wisdom? 20 thousand years ago, the ancestors of us that live on the earth or any successor to our present them to say? Will be happy to answer anyone's eyes closed _ 'us'. Whether they had anything to say on the matter! They did not give them the ability to think about, those of us who snuff _ Bad news for those with self-fulfillment; Ancestor more than we actually had brains. At least it is science - E says. Even scientists say, is the day we are more and more stupid! According to his report, a writer for Discover Magazine Catalonia Macalipha, 20 thousand years ago a man recently scientists
Check in with the scalp - after completing a three-dimensional model made it. As seen, the early human brain inside the skull of a half cubic centimeters in volume. But now one of our brain size of 350 cm, the last year of our brain size 20 of about 20 percent decrease. The entire religion of the whole world - h - class - group of people with a true brain. Women - men's did not have any change. Similarly the issue of women occurred in the smaller brains. That way we have smaller brains are actually stupid than our ancestors. Have argued against the theory. The argument of many, that means the smaller skull of human intelligence is decreasing day by day, it is not true. Getting smaller, it's exactly the opposite of increasing the efficacy of the brain. Dr. Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin. John Hawks of the section. What is the reason for smaller brains? What's the explanation? Others are hostile environments simply 'Solid - consolidated, eventually survive. And tough - Consolidated all brain size. However, due to changes in the environment or to reduce day to day struggle to survive has become easier. The loom has a modern and complex society, the greater the need to fight for the survival of the people fell. Brain size has gotten so tight. A big part of scientists say Katharine Tune; them to clear, and we are reducing the size of the brains _ Stupid from day to day are stupid. Source: The Daily Mail online.


Wife Mail is hacking after husband goes jail  

Wife without permission e - mail jail sentence of up to five years on charges of being a person in the United States Alarm read. However, his wife is in love with someone from the suspicion of _ e - mail account was hacked, the man named Leon Walker. He has already been arrested. Worker Leona against the United States has been charged under the law against hacking. 33-year-old suspect was Leona, making love with his wife, Clara, her former husband. Clara was married twice before. Has not been documented suspicions computer - related to his wife's G-mail account hacked by utilizing the skills Leona. Avoid getting caught desired evidence. Is clear from the accounts Mail them, wife deceiving him.
Source: The Telegraph.


                       Sarnie Moon oxygen

RIA moon of Saturn - found on oxygen. Saturn second largest satellites at ice level Coagulation some of the oxygen in the air is compressed. Recently there asininity NASA spacecraft in the Space Research Organization has identified the existence of oxygen. The existence of life elsewhere in space outside the Earth or the human soul, the living environment is what the scientists in the search for many centuries old. Following the investigation of another planet recently solar world - satellite test - seeing more of the world outside - a place with some amount of water and oxygen necessary for life to exist found. RIA of Europa and the Jupiter _ Gyanimida
The two satellites have identified the existence of oxygen in the ice below. The same results Satellite Saturn Snowy matter as the researchers explained. San Antonio South West Research Institute researcher Ben Tulsa said, Ria, on the significance of the oxygen available. The idea is to look at the query Snowy other planets in outer space - satellites can be found the same results. In other words, the question of the environment to sustain life beyond Earth in search of the old era is going to be more positive.
However, the scientists say, the only planet in separately - the satellites have been able to identify the existence of ice or Coagulation oxygen. But somewhere in the environment as a whole will not be appropriate and useful life. Now would be the goal of finding an environment that is optimistic to continue searching. Source: Space Correspondent.


               Claimed ownership of the sun

The world has the resources, have the property. One or more of its own. But tens of thousands remain scattered, so that the space - million stars, planets and the satellite's owner! Yes, finally our solar world 'sun' a demanding ownership of the stars found. Angles Duran, a woman claimed Gallic in Spain, he was the owner of the Sun. Local Notary public office in his hometown, and he is registered as the sun's own property. Duran said on Friday itself. Duran told the Spanish daily newspaper El Man ado, he got to know through the magazine, one of America's most With the Moon Solar world planet - satellite owned by the registry. Shortly after, he took the initiative to become the owner of the Sun in September. Duran said, there is a great deal of international stars and planets of ownership. It has been said, no country can claim ownership of a planet or a star. But a person cannot be the owner of these issues has not been told anything.
Duran said, 'I've claimed ownership of the sun. That nobody could do it. But I've had before. "Notary Public Declaration has been called, "about 14 million about 96 million kilometers away from Earth Duran the sun, the stars, the owner will be announced." Duran is currently living in Spain Alabaster double minor. He did not just claim to Ownership Sun, she is thinking Earnings money. To those of the Sun - benefits from them will pay the fees paid Duran said. Source: Afp.


                      Coming soon Robot Army

Research is underway to change the type of customer in the future. Perhaps with all the weapons of a devastating battle with the enemy soldiers will fight robots. Within just a few decades, human army needed infantry and military experts say will expire. Meanwhile, down on the field has been experimentally Of robots States. Size - figure they do not like the man, but the precise targets to overcome the enemy has demonstrated the efficiency of this instrument - combatants. They're good at doing battle robot soldier _ were taken for testing in the framework of the City of Fort Benin forged. No one was left in complete darkness of the night the enemy sniper hiding on the roof of the building. There are sent to the robot army to defeat the Sniper finds. See RC Robot like a little tank. Able to move silently, each robot with machine guns and grenade launchers 15 inch height Fulfill Forearm use. Video cameras can automatically send the three of robotic eyes safely away from the person holding the position. The darkness of night secretly entered the city finds that the three robots malfunction the enemy team Sniper once. Gives the dummy enemy machine-guns, shot full of holes. Military experts say, the future will change the appearance of the robot army. They like to walk a lot of people. However, the robot redoubtable forces are infinitely better than human soldiers. Robot soldiers involved with skills development project w former Vice Admiral Joseph Dyer said, "The nice thing is, the moment the soldiers fired into the robot is able to defeat the enemy. Their eyes sit far as the video camera to the location of the enemy that can monitor the allies. This will drastically reduce the risk of battle. '
Opponents said the use of robots in war, it's the fear of the loss of innocent ordinary people can rise infinitely. Source: New York Times online.