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                         Reverie is not good

After getting up to go to sleep again until retirement from work or daily routine Day dream drowning events in people's lives. Those lazy, or imaginative little foliage, a large part of the day was spent in their own castles to see. Hooked those who believe in every moment of the day, they go from work occasionally drowning states imagination. Whether the general concept of reverie _ 'useless', however, is not something wrong to fantasize. However, analysts say, is not innocent dream, but its effect on the mind quite ruthless. Their claims, castles make life miserable. A study led by scientists at Harvard University, has said, the day all the time, 46 percent of the decimal 9 days, about half the time, the human mind is restless.
Office or in the middle of the room to the. So without the concourse of people just do not have the full attention. Conducted over two thousand persons were referred to the study, the concept of the common misconceptions _ fantastic happy people. In mind the different needs of discontent - the thinking is diminishing with the typical people Day dream. Through the various issues that people do not actually mind filled with regret. Imagination as well as the fact that he moves his unfulfilled dream of longing. It also increases his longing, which is not implemented or implemented until the rise of instability in his mind.
Matthew kilinsaoyartha researchers said, is not living in reality much higher _ impact on the human mind in such matters. As a result, almost half of the day when people are buried Day dream. Involved with the issue of human happiness. But the dream is not a happy man. The study reveals that the human mind is happy, sexual intercourse, athletic and like to talk during working hours. Vehicle travel, work from home, computer, housekeeping Work, rest or sleep _ the most thoughtless and unhappy at the actions of the people. Sometimes she sank as a result of the work Day dream time. Said researcher Professor Daniel Gilbert, an irresistible dream job the human brain. Day dream whole mind makes a restless man, makes excited. As a result, he became unhappy. Doing so research results showing the least. However, since not all of the psychological structure, in the context of the philosophical debate about the verity of the study may come.
Source: Daily Mail online.