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            Drivers comply with the law program of Roses

China, South - western Sichuan province has started to aware driver’s dajaho City Police Administration Automotive fancy programs. Beautiful women police officers to drivers in breach of traffic laws is small roses remind compliance with the law. Police officials say the city, 'Belle officials' Roses will be aware of the drivers driving safely. A police spokesman said, "As a result of the program, drivers can easily understand the importance of complying with the law. Without it, the mind can be our message. We think that, more than any other methods will affect drivers in the program than the beauty of roses. 'Taken part in the campaign for women police officers in age from 25 to 45 years. The local public security department and the city are being implemented at the initiative of the Women's Association. By the end of December and one million one hundred thousand roses Arm bracket driver have been caught in the distribution target levels.
Source: Orange online.


             The church made a Great Mistake

Using the wrong declaration of marriage because marriage was invalid in England more than 10 million. Church lawyers had admitted using the wrong words. Couples who have crossed 30 years of conjugal life
caused suffering now going to read. Church of England marriage had taught them. This news was published last Wednesday. Britain's Supreme Court last week filed by a woman named Katrina ryadamyacara verdict was a legacy. Teaching on marriage in the context of the judgment, the priest caught the mistake. Church members General Synod is a description of the facts are known. According to the Marriage Law of 1949 in the UK, a week before the wedding at the church wedding, the declaration must be read three times.
166 will read the Proclamation of The Book of Common Prayer, taken from a part. If anyone has any objections to the declaration of marriage, it is not mentioned. But the Church of England ' Alternative Service Book, compiled in 1980 as a new ' Prayer Chest ' creates new marriage policy. Did not follow the original rule. As a result, according to the law of the Church since 1980, has been taught to think that the Church's lawyers rejected the marriage.
There is now the possibility that the marriage is invalid as the married couples who did not in the least excuse to _ or supporting companion show can leave without any assistance. According to Hindu marriage customs in England, musician and actor Mick jigger not married to model Jerry hall defective took refuge at the beginning; the Church has the potential to create situations that lawyers are considered. Britain's Prince even going to be married next spring marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton may become invalid unless the legal system, any change in the Church of England’s parliament. The Church of England's top lawyer, said Timothy Branden, the declaration of marriage lessons were informal, yet the Act of 1949 is a clear clause in the protection of marriage, the incorrectly after marriage if both parties' firm belief enters into, then their marriage will last. However, there is some debate as to his interpretation.  Source: internet

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            The price of computers,2,13,600 dollars

Apple has sold over two million 13 thousand 600 dollars the first computer 'Apple-1'. The highest bid at the auction held in London on Tuesday, cracking the Italian businessman Marco bagaliyano computer you own. However, the auctioneer Christie's expects the company made in 1977, this computer will be sold one million 50 thousand dollars. Source: Internet


                  Mobile Phone Ban for young girl

An unmarried young woman in the Ballia district of Utter Pradesh in India on the use of mobile phones has been banned. District Council has taken the initiative in order to marry outside the community. Local media reported Wednesday that the claims. 23 pairs of species in the Northern Province fled last year to get married outside. A man by the name of Jatin Kolkata telegraphic redundancy said, '_ mobile phones because they are guaranteed by the Gram Panchayat are planning to escape.' Tiyagi gram Panchayat spokesperson Satish said, "Unmarried girls cannot use the mobile phone to take the necessary measures to ensure that all parents - his father was called. The guys will be able to use mobile phones. In that case, the mother of a boy talking on mobile phone - will keep an eye on your father. 'Although the practice is banned breeds in remote areas of India still have a record, strictly follow the tradition. Source: Afp


                       Speak to dead people

Coming on the website of the United States such virtual software, which allows family member want to talk on Skype with dead people.
University of Massachusetts Technology Development program Enter preparation names of this website 'itarani dot me. After the death of a man on this website is the digital reconstruction. The living conditions of the people in the chat logs, social networking data, images, memories, and his manner of people via email that can be made. According to the website, and collect all the information generated during the lifetime of the complex, using artificial intelligence Elagaridam the restructuring. There will be created a new character. That would be his position, whose personality will match exactly with the character of the dead man. Talking with you, given the data, everything that can advise on any new character. This is a Skype, the chat from the past.
From now until 24 hours after the live website of 36 website page views and 13 of the Registration of e-mail.
Source : g news online


                    Successful dog Momo

Armed forces or police dogs used to support the old antique. Criminals, victims, weapons or drugs always help the police coming in to find out the burly German shepherd dog breeds in appearance. But I was startled everyone, canine species have evolved very little Chihuahua dog. Seven-year-old girl from Japan Momo names behind the dogs, police dogs, the Chihuahua Giant 'search and rescue' experiments have been passed. Since January he will start coming to work with the police. Rather surprised by the success of the police forces concerned momo. Their commentary, such a record of success in Japan is not just a dog, perhaps the whole world for the first time.
Police memo only three kg of weight. This species is about the size of a small house dog plus people are just hobbies. The use of police dogs there. 'Search and rescue' operations, such as the use of dogs or success until today there is no precedent. Steps to reproduce the test at a stage in the event of an earthquake, there are tests available to Rescue. There one can find in Poverty stricken Momo is just five minutes. Local media have said, the success of the police forces Momo everyone was startled. According to police sources, a total of 70 varieties of dogs in the last 12 November took part in the experiments. The two dog’s Momo total 3 is passed.
Source: The Japan Times

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                 Virus scan and data theft

Free online virus scan with the temptation to steal computer users' data is compromised, said the UK Safe Online Gate. Gate Safe Internet users to work on security issues. According to the Gate Safe, many internet users click on different websites by the computer scans your computer, scan the message. But such messages Hackers scan through the computer instead of the computer users are going to steal all the information. Get Safe Online, said chief executive Tony the net, nearly half of the Internet users in the UK have been affected by such fake software. According to Google, currently the site is fake software spread through the computer. Damage to computer software that is very fine. Websites pop - up message is spreading throughout the fake software. source : BBC


Workload, and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in women

Workload of women at increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Among those are a lot more pressure at work, among them the risk of heart disease is expected to rise to 40 percent in a recent study, researchers have claimed. City Brigade Ham and Women's Hospital in Boston, said the researchers, 88 percent up at peak load may increase the risk of heart attack. May increase the risk of stroke and heart bypass surgery Artery. The study was presented at the American Heart Association, the. Researchers have identified this as a kind of mental illness Pressure work. To stress at work or creative skills in limited time to make important decisions were meant to exploit the content. Job insecurity may increase Pressure referred to in this research. Pressure increases the flow of hormones like adrenaline and Kart sale they said. Harmful effect on the cardiovascular procedure. Pressure may be due to increased levels of inflammation may contribute to the vascular body fat, which may occur due to problems Induced heart. May increase the risk of high blood pressure and obesity. Researchers of 17 415 people over 10 years of research efforts on healthy women. The problem is generally considered Heart disease men ignore the women were referred to experts in the field. The emphasis of the research was based on the workload of the men. In addition to evidence of cardiovascular disease, such as _ back pain, chest burns, abdominal discomfort, nausea, fatigue -like symptoms rarely seen in women. Becomes difficult to identify due to the disease. The disease is often diagnosed too late. Said researcher Dr Michelle Albert, Heart health term impact on the workload. 'Inattentiveness workload, illness and disability can occur. This may reduce women's productivity and competitive attitude.
However, new studies have been criticized. Instead of unhealthy behavior such as smoking and alcohol work load critics blame. These practices help people to deal with the workload they had claimed. Meanwhile, no manner affect the workload of the body and increase the risk of heart disease, the study did not explicitly mention it to Mark Allen Mason of the British Heart Foundation Of heart disease nurses.
Source: BBC.

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                      Celebrity guest for Rent

Hollywood celebrity guests with money to Britain for a long time, especially the famous actors - actresses Family Festival - event 'Guest' has handed down as renting. Indian Bollywood actors in the business - the actress, not backward. Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan, the actress, the function of the lumbar minis go and exchange money. And pretending that he was a tenant in the event that the organizers chose their very close relatives or close friends. The organizers have done a ceremony in Mumbai, India Marriage-related count cost of at least five million pounds. It is too expensive to keep the celebrity guests to rent.
However, there are several reasons to hire a celebrity behind. Is significant because, if the organizers of the value of celebrities present at the event - leads to dignity. Is called, is a thing to be proud of. The other guest celebrities, their close relatives or cousins in front of the organizers – cousin brothers and sister - who identify as sisters. Besides, the famous celebrity magazines - the claim is printed. The event ran at the beginning when celebrities do not have any chance. The nature of the wedding ceremony, the groom standing next to celebrity’s tenants - the bride or guests can take pictures, and shake hands _ which cannot otherwise be possible Guests at the event, event management personnel in charge of renting the Hindustan Ties magazine acknowledged. They said, as a guest to rent a fairly popular Actress takes seven thousand pounds. Exceeded 70 thousand pounds can no longer be the case Popular.
Source: The Guardian (UK)


                  Copper mine and 'Buddha'

Today, nearly two thousand years before 600. The link between the eastern and western parts of Asia, the Silk Road trade route alongside the famous Buddhist monks did build a place of worship. Considering the location of places on the map of Afghanistan’s eastern Lager geographic present messes Ayanaka State. Recently, there is a Chinese company to mine copper mines were discovered after starting Archaeologist about half a hundred Buddha statues. China copper mining company responsible for the Metallurgy Group - nemesis expected to be raised to 2011 since they are in full swing. But a few days ago after getting out of the mine workers underground temple ruins of Buddhist statues were rescued and given the responsibility for maintenance, A team of French and Afghan geologizing expert. For the government to remove the vocal patterns during the three years of Rephaim emesis Kuju. But researchers say
At the invaluable historical patterns take away untouched for three years is not enough time. Emesis hankie started digging when the whole pattern expressed concerns that they may be destroyed. Emissary authorities say, the worlds second largest copper mine in the area. In all, 60 million tons of copper can be extracted. The experts in charge of finding geologizing must rid said, so far they've got half saran more Buddha statues. Some of these are so large that, in a short time cannot be removed by any means. There are many patterns as there are so many maticapa believe them. Archaeologist says, lie in the area of about two square kilometers out of the excavated area of the temple is 10 years kicking diverse.
Source: Daily Mail online.


                         Reverie is not good

After getting up to go to sleep again until retirement from work or daily routine Day dream drowning events in people's lives. Those lazy, or imaginative little foliage, a large part of the day was spent in their own castles to see. Hooked those who believe in every moment of the day, they go from work occasionally drowning states imagination. Whether the general concept of reverie _ 'useless', however, is not something wrong to fantasize. However, analysts say, is not innocent dream, but its effect on the mind quite ruthless. Their claims, castles make life miserable. A study led by scientists at Harvard University, has said, the day all the time, 46 percent of the decimal 9 days, about half the time, the human mind is restless.
Office or in the middle of the room to the. So without the concourse of people just do not have the full attention. Conducted over two thousand persons were referred to the study, the concept of the common misconceptions _ fantastic happy people. In mind the different needs of discontent - the thinking is diminishing with the typical people Day dream. Through the various issues that people do not actually mind filled with regret. Imagination as well as the fact that he moves his unfulfilled dream of longing. It also increases his longing, which is not implemented or implemented until the rise of instability in his mind.
Matthew kilinsaoyartha researchers said, is not living in reality much higher _ impact on the human mind in such matters. As a result, almost half of the day when people are buried Day dream. Involved with the issue of human happiness. But the dream is not a happy man. The study reveals that the human mind is happy, sexual intercourse, athletic and like to talk during working hours. Vehicle travel, work from home, computer, housekeeping Work, rest or sleep _ the most thoughtless and unhappy at the actions of the people. Sometimes she sank as a result of the work Day dream time. Said researcher Professor Daniel Gilbert, an irresistible dream job the human brain. Day dream whole mind makes a restless man, makes excited. As a result, he became unhappy. Doing so research results showing the least. However, since not all of the psychological structure, in the context of the philosophical debate about the verity of the study may come.
Source: Daily Mail online.


                  Mysterious silbury Hill

Hill is one of the world's mysterious prehistoric settlements silbury England. Looks like a pile of limestone mounds or mud made sure that historians have made the setting, even if the key has been created for the installation so the _ could the brink. Tombs of the common people so tomorrow it or prehistoric 'cathedral' has been considered. Finally, the archaeologist said England, and in any case, in the settings there is a grave and it is not an organization of the cathedral. Antiquities of the British Constitutional Commission have recently published a new English Heritage book this information is highlighted. The two long three- year field study archaeologist Jim liyeri and David at the end of story silbury Hill ' names written in this book. Said they did not know the purpose of the construction of the book, over 15 different levels, this is nearly a hundred years of construction and construction is faster than previous concepts.
England in the Neolithic era Ulster County Tributary to retrieve the original mystery in this affair excavation work has run several times in the past four decades. But you cannot retrieve any Raids archaeologist create mystery. Faith of the firm as a result of the common people. Two researchers in the last 2007 Excavation work Mound Run Jim liyeri and David Field. One researcher Jim liyeri said, "We are increasing the amount of a new pattern. The evidence tells us, in the Neolithic era (Neolithic era level) obsessed with the desire of fathers to view this for ages to build - the structure has changed. ‘In the Middle Ages, Europe was the silbury Heels highest human settlements created. The idea is, BC was constructed of two and a half centuries ago. Stonehenge in England as an illustration of this silbury Hill and declared a World Heritage Site.
Source: BBC Online.