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                 Human or Robotics Human

Bionic Manor is a very old idea. A dream of science fiction writers, people, and real people are much more than a machine to be built on a combination of performance and powerful entity. Scientists to advance that dream of reality, much of the war .Change or combination with robotic parts or organs damaged through normal weakness of winning also now available. The only organ -Organ limit has run out of bound. Next day the man with the machine can is hair-splitting. The sin Million Dollar Man, the Matrix or brave new world of becoming an instrument of the people itself. And since it will be possible in the 100. Classics and history professor at Stanford University in the UK, said Ian Morris, so let psi - come see Sci - Fi Movie Automaton images can be viewed at one time to be in front of it. And you do not need to wait too long for. The whole world will come under technology. The world of the new East - West or rich- poor countries _ the concert will not be any division. Technology will become so engrossed in the world, integrating with equipment .Instead of war, robotic human scales. Nowadays, they are infinitely powerful and devastating than normal Human army will power. This time he will not have any need to use nuclear weapons. Each Army becomes severe as the devastating missiles. In addition, a large computer and the human brain are linked with each other through .Anyone that has any side in the world, the entire world will be aware of the information. Professor Ian Morris said the last 50 years occurred in the social development of the previous 15 years, almost double. The development of the 2050 in the next 50 years will be twice than now. Changes occurred in the last 100 years than in the previous one hundred years humans much more than change. The next 100 years will be a lot more. Nanotechnology as a catalyst for the change in the role of a prime. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has started work in the meantime. Instead they Silicon enzymes in animals and DNA-based computer technologies work. Said Ian Morris, nanotechnology could bring about a revolutionary change in the task. If successful, powerful people really like science fiction robotic human characters, and the destructive power of becoming invincible. But the question is, what the device will be destroyed, humanity will defeat? What instruments will protect humanity, or he will destroy Man its creator?      Source: The Daily Mail online.