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              Shame punishment

According to Chinese tradition, a great way to sentence criminals to shame. At the market - the market or are in densely populated areas the offender appeared wearing handcuffs. Thousands of people there said unto them pepper. That sentences process ' inhumane ' for many years, the human rights organizations demanding an end to the torment. Finally, China's government has ordered the closure of a penalty of shame. The Ministry Public affairs offenders ' civilized ' and ' rationalization ' has suggested sentence. Many have already introduced the genre to shame offenders in China. Killers, rapists who are not guilty of a minor as well as major perpetrators should be brought before the public for shame . But to pretend that the law has no provisions . After the start of the campaign strongly against prostituted China to punish is to create public opinion against the process. prostituted offense to shame a few pictures of her were widely criticized after the fact . The film can be seen in all the provinces of Henan and donguyana, police prostituted ' dragging tied together - going to the force . Hundreds of curious people looking at them. Many people tries to cover his face with his hands was accused. Shame that the press had published pictures of police expressed anger against the people of China. In a comment on the Internet, "the daughter of the corrupt ties Police should walk the streets.”. Soulam Beijing University Professor Mao said, "To pretend to have a modern way. The police are not prohibited as a matter of shame to go outside the law to sentence the offender will receive the opportunity. The person's reputation is such prejudice, as police leads to corruption. 'In the community after criticism that China's government announced a ban on penalty of shame.