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Sexual harassment claim against the three and a half million dollar 

Sexual harassment against an elite department store in Australia chief executive has been filed. Three million to 30 million (33 million) s of dollars in damage, the suit said Monday store Fraser Kirk Christie, a woman activist. Allegations of sexual harassment have been forced to resign the chief executive of athletes. Australian Federal Court case was filed by the prosecution told the 5 -year -old Christie , David Jones chief executive Mark myakainasa storasera disagreed with him , tried to establish sexual relationship . He said, ' Now I have started legal battle. ‘According to the prosecution, the last time in May and June, one at a lunchtime treat myakainasa disagreed with him. Insert myakainasa Christie and her bra was the hands -down clothing. He was trying to incite myakainasa yaunakarme . Compare with the situation of his yaunakarmera Christi. Christie's allegations came in the month of June Myakainasa Company was forced to resign from the top post. Christie said, he wins a case of sexual harassment in the workplace victims as compensation in full with money donated to organizations that will work. Source: AFP.